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Seeking an Immune-support Diet for Bile Duct Cancer

Posted by LM (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) on 03/04/2013

Hi Ted, My name is Laura and I am writing today for some guidance. I am currently fighting bile duct cancer (cholangiocarcinoma) which has spread to create lesions in another part of my liver. I have been in chemo for about six months, and that will continue to be my course of treatment as for now my condition is considered inoperable. I am also on blood thinners (Lovenox) by injection twice daily to offset any blood clots this cancer is prone to causing. I now suffer from post thrombotic syndrome caused by blood clots in my legs that went undetected for too long at the onset of my condition. I have also been taking an oral magnesium supplement and applying magnesium oil externally (magnesium chloride) to compensate for the magnesium my body has lost through chemo.

I am shortly going to be transferred to a new chemo drug as the previous drugs have become ineffective. To strengthen myself, I would like to undertake a change in diet and also treat my condition in parallel with any natural remedies that may be available. I understand you support a vegetable based diet that excludes sugar, red meat and whole grains (processed carbs). My first question is, are there any preferred vegetables for this condition. For example, some vegetables contain higher amounts of starch (i.e. potatoes) than others--are these to be avoided like sugar? Is there a more comprehensive version of the diet you recommend anywhere online? You mention white rice is prohibited--does the same hold true for brown rice or buckwheat? Are soy products, poultry, beans or fish allowed as protein sources?

I have been using lemon with bicarbonate soda to control nausea during chemo--it seemed to helped me greatly. Are there any other natural remedies and/or supplements for my particular condition that would also be helpful?

Thanks for taking the time to read my message. I greatly appreciate any information you may be able to offer.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Actually the lime and baking soda remedy alone has cured many cancers, as it has all the elements necessary to treat the cancer conditions anyway. The cancer cells are destroyed by lowering the cell's oxidation potential to a negative 100 millivolts, and keeping a steady low millivolts level is the real reason why cancer cells cannot ferment. A trace hydrogen gas in your oxygen tank say less then 1% hydrogen to breathe in will also lower the millivolts very quickly. Chemotherapy is basically an oxidative treatment, though it actually is killing cancer and healthy cells at the same time.

Oxidation potential therapy for cancer actually works better than any known treatment and yet is so simple. Several of my patients were cured, one of brain tumor, leukemia, breast cancer, etc. But I actually went further than this in dissolving most tumors using this simple concept. Our body needs to do three things to conquer cancer: get the blood sugar down, alkalize, and employ reducing agents such as baking soda with lemon at 7.5 pH to 8.0 pH, or baking soda and apple cider vinegar at 7.5 to 8.0 pH. A cancerous tumor can be dissolved by half within two weeks by maintaining ORP in the blood or urine at -100 mV to -150 mV, as cancer cells thrive in -10 mV to -30 mV, while larger non-cancerous cells thrive at much more negative potentials and hence more energy.

The immune-support, anti-cancer diet is quite simple. Get your blood sugar below 90 mg/dL, ORP more than -100 mV throughout the day during a simple urine test with the ORP meter. Address the ORP reading using the lime and baking soda treatment, which is the simplest of all. Another reason why it is so effective is the chelation in the citrate, which basically removes arsenic and lead, which is a common cause of mutation for all cancer patients in my database. I have gone farther in achieving negative ORP to dissolve tumors in a matter of days just by this simple concept alone. The successes of chemo are poor compared to no treatment or natural based remedies alone. It may actually hinder the successes of chemotherapy using lime and baking soda compared to traditional chemotherapies in my opinion.


Replied by Jeannie

How much lime and baking soda.
I have acid reflux
It has affected my esophagus badly
I'm going to have another EGD run .but I have a fear I have the dreaded disease the pain is bad chest and back it's worse laying down
Very few foods can I eat. My tongue burns most of the time I'm weak I've lost some weight but I believe it's due to my diet.
But won't the lime burn my throat
I'm only 125 any way.
.any help will be appreciated