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Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 12/08/2010 391 posts

Dear Deirdre:

I have been keeping quiet for the last few weeks from earthclinic because of a super busy things from both serious health of my clients, domestic things that you just have to do, and intensive research. Which will answer a lot of things why somethings causes cancer and the very thing that causes cancer can actually cause cancer to go into remission. Something as innocuous as a vitamin C can actually have both properties, depending on the circumstances. This should resolve a lot of paradoxes and contradiction when finding the cancer cure.

The most significant issues in cancer appears that came over from my research these past couple of weeks appears to be the mysterious switching mechanism that switches a person to cancer, and what is needed to neutralize or reverse that switch. Perhaps the most important issue is three things that you need to be aware of, concerning the issue of cancer on these electrical switches:

1. Cancer cells have -15 millivolts registered on the ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential)
2. Healing cells have -50 millivolts
3. Healthy cells range from -70 to -100 millivolts.

The way I used to measure this is to use an ORP meter. The food or drinks we take should provide the readings to answer them properly. This issue is a huge topic, but because I am severely limited with time, I will briefly overview these issues.

The issue is really simple: If we can consume a product whose millivolts to allow all cells to -70 millivolts, the cancer cells could not survive. A lot of other people have already tried, this approach. One is Dr. Nordenstrom, who use weak electricity necessary to create an electrical voltage necessary at volts in the healthy millivolts range between -70 to -100. He did by getting electricity one lead into the cancer cells and one lead outside. In case if you want to know whether it was anode or cathode, all you need to remember is one of the leads where there is more air, is 2 parts hydrogen gas, and on another lead it is 1 part oxygen. it is the hydrogen, end which creates most of the hydrogen gas that actually generates an Oxidation Reduction potential measurement of something in the order of -300 millivolts. More then enough to kill cancer cells by electrocution. Then there is another way to do it, the use of sodium ascorbate or potassium ascorbate. Cancer cells loves sodium and that is why cancer becomes an edema, but to use sodium ascorbate won't protect healthy cells from getting the cancer, while the potassium ascorbate may protect weak cells whose voltages is really close to negative -15 millivolts such as -17 millivolts into cancer cells a possibility. In that case potassium ascorbate is an intracellular fluids, the fluid inside the cells and the potassium itself is toxic to cancer cells as they need sodium to do the job. A cancer cells are fermentation inorder for them to get glucose into their system, it needs to take in sodium, through the sodium pump mechanism. So if they uptake the sodium with sugar, the ascorbate actually change their charges. However sodium doesn't block the food of glucose into the cells. Ascorbate kills them with the -200 or -100 millivolts depending on the dose. A potassium ascorbate does two more things. The potassium blocks glucose metabolism since cancer needs sodium for glucose uptake. Remember, the major source of food for cancer cells is the sugar (either from glucose for normal respiration or the fructose corn syrup for their cancer metastasis). As for the ascorbate, which is an alkaline form of vitamin C, it kills them again by their negative millivolts. An even more toxic combination is to use the electronegative DIRECTLY the opposite of fluorides and chlorine, which are the elements on the periodic table, which are cesium and rubidium. Those have the exact opposite charges of cancer causing fluoride and chlorine. And cesium mimicks like a trojan horse as the potassium. So once it uptakes that the millivolts is changed to a more negative millivolts from both the ascorbate and the cesium. We can for convenient use the combination of potassium ascorbate with the cesium chloride due to their availability. A glucose trojan horse may also kill cancer cells that way, such as an "oxidized form" of glucose, such as gluconate. For instance, potassium gluconate, is one. The acetic acid in the Krebs cycle may help in away, so we use acetate form, such as potassium acetate, is one possible way. Apple cider vinegar in alkaline form when we mixed this with potassium carbonate, we get an alkaline form of apple cider vinegar with potassium. If the main component of vinegar is the acetic acid, a mix of potassium ascorbate will get you potassium acetate, with a twist: the apple cider vinegar in alkaline form has a millivolt charge of over -200 easy. I have developed other methods of attaining much higher millivolts for much longer period, but for a home remedy and first aid kit, this is sufficient.

In order to figure out if your negative millivolts are effecting you from consuming the things I mentioned, it is very easy to prove. Get a ORP meter and measure your first urine. Both the pH AND the ORP readings. For instance, I have this British friend of mine who reported a positive millivolts of around 100, with a urine pH of roughly 5.1. In other words he is both a potential chronic kidney failure (metabolic acidosis of the kidney whenever urine pH is BELOW 5.5). The acid of the urine itself can kill the kidney. The positive ORP is potentially deadly to all cells in the body because WE ARE A WALKING ALKALINE BATTERY body. Most living systems are actually walking alkaline battery, powered by the hydrogen (or negative hydrogen), through the process of converting NADP to NADPH. it's the NADPH that we are after as it is reflected in reduced form or negative millivolts.

Here is how the cancer switch is turned on: If I am a weak person, whose healthy cells are around -60 millivolts, and I take extra long shower with chlorinated water, whose millivolts is -300 and our body ABSORBS an average of 80% of the chlorine through our skin as chlorine is a gas. What you are doing in effect is to change your ALREADY low millivolts -60 into exactly -15 millivolts and suddenly the electrical energy now low, the mitochondrial now goes into anaerobic fermentation and becomes cancerous. This can happen if one were to be consuming an acid form of vitamin C, and other acid drinks. The only way to prove that is vitamin C in acid form is actually positive millivolts, usually 150 to 300, depending on various things.

I consider these millivolts to be qi in Chinese accupuncture, or lifeforce, as measured in millivolts. Our body begins to heal if we can attain these healthy cells millivolts range. You can do from something as simple as a parts per million to parts per billion hydrogen gas, as it is found in sacred healing water in Tlacote Mexico where Magic Johnson also go there to treat his HIV positive after retirement sometime in early 1990s, as well as in France, New Delhi, Germany, and Japan. They all have these healing properties, but because they are of gaseous nature it cannot retain hydrogen for any lenght of time and hence it's electrical properties are lost, but vitamin C in alkaline form are more stable ones also.

So if I happen to see many people taking their urine ORP and pH test, and find the ORP is positive, it means they are walking time bomb for cancer cells to be switched on anytime. Urine always have more acid pH then they do with plasma, and hence ORP positive means it is way off healthy cells range in plasma, but should their ORP of the urine is in a safe -50 millivolts at leas, with a urine pH above 6.5 to 7.35, the the likely hood of these "switches" in our mitochondria to be cancer cells is reduced. However if the ORP is positive or within very close range of the -15 millivolts we are potentially a walking time bombs for cancer cells.

Take for instance a few clients that recently died from lost of their life force as their urine pH goes from -50 millivolts, to -25 millivolts to +10 millivolts and to +100 millivolts. That means their life force of alkaline battery cells is already on LOW BATT and this means they could just die if their is not enough battery juice left. Did we ever take a consideration of filling up these battery cells and get them "filled up" with just an alkaline form of both sodium and potassium ascorbate, and make sure their urine pH remains at -70 millivolts. This could potentially save lives and it is what I have witnessed in ICU rooms where they die of a slow death allowing their life force to be lost and unchecked with the use of a simple ORP. You can predict them before they happen and perhaps reverse their demise if they only had known.


Replied by Self

The purest potassium ascorbate I can find is in pill form and mixed with ascorbic acid (700 milligrams of potassium with 4 grams of ascorbic acid). I hope crushing this to a powder and adding baking soda to make the ascorbic acid alkaline will be adequate. So one pill can be combined with apple cider vinegar and enough baking soda to get a pH of 8 and drank 1-3 times a day until the urine pH and millivolts are in the healthy range?

Instead of the potassium ascorbate, I could also use potassium bicarbonate or potassium carbonate or potassium gluconate or potassium citrate and add it to the apple cider vinegar (ACV) and until the pH of the mixture is 7 or 8 and drink 2-3 times a day or until urine pH and millivolts are in healthy range? Or I need baking soda to get it to pH of 7 or 8? What's the difference between potassium bicarbonate or potassium carbonate, does it matter which I use? These various potassium will give -200 millivolts range (or at least high engative millivolts)?

So what is dosage 1/4 teaspoon potassium carbonate and 2 tablespoons of ACV 2-3 times a day or until urine pH and millivolts are in healthy range (as well as switch to an alkaline diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, dechlorinated water, and some oral or transdermal magnesium chhloride for good measure)?

Celsium chloride is just too expensive. You wrote in the past methylene blue is a negative hydrogen carrier and has a -200 millivolts to -300 millivolts charge. Perhaps this can be used too but how (dosing)?

Thank you.