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Posted by Bill (San Fernando, San Fernando, Philippines) on 06/05/2011

Further Explanation of Ted's Cancer Remedy:

This is by way of further explanation of Ted from Bangkok's approach in his his latest cancer remedy given in the April 2011 EC Newsletter which can be found here:

I have also put this up on Google Docs for anyone to read:

Please direct any questions you may have to me on the Google Doc.


There are, in general, three ways to remove cancer from the body:

* By killing the cancer host cells themselves en masse. This can be dangerous because of the flood of debris, lactic acid, aflotoxins and mycotoxins in the blood which can, due to a massive die-off, put such a huge and dangerous strain on the liver and kidneys. This method does not necessarily kill the cancer-causing pathogen -- which may simply go into hiding -- only to appear again after remission.

* By forcing the cancer-causing pathogen to go into hibernation(hiding) or to cause the organism to change into another organism(by pleomorphism) which is no longer a dangerous parasite because of a change in metabolic body state. A change in metabolic body state therefore forces the organism to adapt itself and change into a more friendly non-parasitic, non-destructive organism in other words.

* By directly killing the microbes that cause cell cancer and flooding the cancer cells with oxygen and converting the cancer cells back to normal cells.

Ted from Bangkok's method seems to use the method of killing the cancer host cells to stop cancer. DMSO, on its own, tends to revert the cancer cells back to normal cells whereas Vitamin C/Lysine appears to kill both the cancer-causing pathogen and can also kill host cancer cells outright. His remedy uses DMSO(Dimethyl Sulfoxide), Vitamin C, Lysine(amino acid), Green Tea powder and N-Acetyl L-Cysteine as the major ingredients.

DMSO is a top ranking anti-oxidant which has a keen affinity for particularly collecting inside tumors, so it has a unique and direct delivery method for stopping cancers. DMSO also has another unique characteristic -- it can easily penetrate the skin and cell tissue AND carry beneficial cancer-fighting nutrients into the cancerous cells themselves. Another major benefit -- DMSO, used topically, completely stops the cancer pain within a few days by completely neutralizing the lactic acid and removing excess intracellular sodium and calcium produced in the cancer cells. DMSO can also easily penetrate the blood/bone or blood/brain barrier.

See this link:

Vitamin C is very much like the glucose molecule. So by removing glucose/fructose and carbohydrates completely from your diet, the cancer cells will therefore be fooled and be forced to absorb the Vitamin C instead -- cancer cells need 17 times more glucose than normal cells because they use an anaerobic fermentation process for energy -- and this will help to kill the cancer-causing microbes in the cells and convert cancer cells back to normal cells.

Lysine or L-Lysine(Lysine Hydrochloride) effectively raises your immune system by increasing the body seratonin levels -- the feel good factor -- from your brain. Research has proven that raising seratonin levels like this helps to double or even triple the production of Natural Killer Cells and T-Lymphocytes in your immune system. This helps to effectively stop metastasis and the viral spread of the cancer and also helps kill the cancer as well.

Tannic Acid, Tannin or Green Tea powder works in the same way as the Essiac Remedy. It prevents the tumor growing both laterally or upwards by preventing normal cell invasion and take-over by cancer cells as well as stopping angiogenesis (preventing veins and arteries forming in the tumor itself). Green Tea also helps to significantly prevent metastasis.

N-Acetyl Cysteine(Amino Acid) is also used to further prevent the absorption of glucose into the cancer cells. Thus starved of glucose, the cancer cells will take up more Vitamin C instead. An alternatives to N-Acetyl Cysteine is Bitter Gourd aka Ampalaya whch is used all the time in the Philippines in the diet to help reduce sugar levels in diabetics.

Strontium chloride, zinc and Vitamin K2, in combination with Vitamin C, are also all significantly important for the thyroid, immune system and also particularly applies to bone health and bone cancers. Vitamin K2, with magnesium, also helps to modulate calcium to proper levels in the blood.

Ted's simple and most basic cancer remedy(without DMSO) is given verbatim here from one of his recent posts on Earth Clinic. In regard to cancers, initially it is far more important to stop cancer spreading by metstasis than to kill the tumor(s):

Basically a lot of supplements I used stops metastatic cancer from spreading on day three. A short but updated protocol is as follows or rules that I used and this is the simplest I can make it:

1) Get blood sugar below 90 mg/dL. So no sweet fruits or sugar.

2) Lysine 1/2 teaspoon and n acetyl cysteine 1/2 teaspoon every hour for 4 hours at least.

3) 1/8 teaspoon of tannic acid and/or 1/4 teaspoon green tea extract three times a day

4) For bone cancer I used two things that are most important in addition to 2) and 3) strontium chloride 1/4 teaspoon twice a day plus vitamin K2 100 mcg 4 times a day.

5) Vitamin C no calcium added 1000 mgs every 2 hours 8 times a day plus selenium 600 mcg and zinc gluconate 10 mg once a day.

Blood sugar in some case may normalize with the n acetyl cysteine after a couple of days but further research is needed.

If you are good in getting supplies then tryptophan 200 mg with diindolemethane 50 mg three times a day. There are more than this but this should cover most of problem except loss of appetite which requires vitamin B50 three times a day.

As well as the above protocol, I would also optionally adopt another simple protocol to protect the liver from any cancer debris, toxins or die-off(Herxheimer) reactions. The best liver/kidney support is quite simple and is based on the following supplements:

Taken at Mealtimes:

Milk Thistle 1000 mgs, twice a day -- lunch and dinner.
Selenium -- 200 mcg twice a day.
Alpha Lipoic Acid -- 300 mgs twice a day

Taken outside mealtimes:

Magnesium -- 250 mgs -- as mag chloride, mag citrate or mag gluconate taken twice a day.

Lugol's Iodine or Iodoral tablets -- 2 drops of 5% Lugols a day in a glass of water or 1 Iodoral tablet a day.

The Gerson Cancer Therapy was almost entirely devoted to just supporting and protecting the liver and immune system in a cancer patient and he had great success with this method. Drs Berkson, Foster and Bahari took this liver-protection method further and simplified it as a cure for MS, Cancer, Hepatitis B & C, HIV AIDs, Arthritis, Cirrhosis, CFS. Fibro, Allergies and many other auto-immune diseases. This liver therapy option is essentially a powerful multi-antioxidant and immune boosting therapy that protects and fully supports the body's liver against cancer 's ill-effects and toxins and will also helps to significantly raise up the immune system. Protecting the liver like this will also help to protect advanced cancer suffers from cachexia and loss of appetite.


* Other compatible protocols that can also be used with this therapy are BHT(super anti-oxidant, anti-viral, anti-cancer, anti-metastatic), Methylene Blue(super anti-oxidant, cell oxygenatation, energy) and Threonine(immune stimulating). The use of Azoxystrobin and Bloodroot tincture actually works in a different way to kill all the cancer host cells which tends to create a high amount of dangerous debris, aflotoxins and mycotxins in the blood and therefore poses further significant problems of excretion for both the liver and kidneys. You should not attempt to simultaneously and internally use Azoxystrobin and Bloodroot with the above protocol unless you really know and understand the risks involved.

* In general, all the advised nutrients for the cancer protocol only, should be taken outside mealtimes.

* All the above ingredients are easily bought on the internet or from a health store.

* DMSO(Dimethyl Sulfoxide) can also be found at veterinarians or pet shops. A usable transdermal solution of DMSO should contain 70% and 30% water.

* All the major ingredients for the cancer remedy -- DMSO, Vitamin C, Lysine, Green Tea, N-Acetyl L-Cysteine etc should be bought in their powdered forms whenever possible -- the purest form with no impurities or additives. The Lysine and Vitamin C should contain NO CALCIUM.

* Buy the Vitamin C as Ascorbic Acid powder. To make a solution of Ascorbate(the alkaline form of Vitamin C) add the dose to a glass, dissolve it in a glass of water, then add Baking Soda(Sodium Bicarbonate) until the fizzing stops -- Arm & Hammer baking soda brand is fine to use here. I've been using this mix every day for the last 5 years without any problems.

*It must also be remembered -- and I cannot stress this enough !! -- that without adopting a proper Cancer Diet as advised by Ted numerous times, no cancer remedy will work well. The anti-cancer diet protocol defined by Ted is given here:

NO fruit or fruit juices.
NO sweet drinks or sodas.
NO sugar or artificial sugars or sweeteners.
NO corn syrup or fructose.
NO carbonated water. Plain water is always ok.
NO vegetable oils except coconut oil used in cooking.
NO fried foods.
NO calcium.
NO large meals consisting largely of meats

Replied by Gavin
Manganui, Northland, New Zealand

Their was a trial done with regards to large doses of VitC. For Cancer, by a New Zealand Doctor in Dunedin. Results were scetchy. But overall signs were positive. Some were cured and some were not. But nowhere in the trials were the recomendations of stopping all forms of sugar included. I would imagine many Carbohydrates should be included as well.

So its no wonder the trial results were scetchy. If a molecule of sugar is available the cancer cell will take this rather than the similar molecule of Vitamin C. Any excess of vitamin C will show up with a case of the runs.. no big deal if you are fighting the Big C.

I would also imagine the palour of a final stage cancer sufferer, would be that all the available energy is being taken by the proliferating cancer cells. So I'm sure teds on to something. So flooding the cancer cell with vitamin C.. Should satiate and kill them. Then while they are satiated the available energy can be used by the healthy cells.

I'm sure Teds on to it!

Replied by Daisy
Sf, Ca

You mention "flooding the cancer cells with oxygen" as a cure, yet list the best anti-oxidants to use. Please help me to understand this better. Thank you.

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, La Union

Hi Daisy... I appreciate that the action of anti-oxidants can be confusing. But although these substances all have anti-oxidant action and help to remove free-radicals, they all have further unique and extra behaviours in their own right. For instance DMSO can revert the cancerous host cell from being anaerobic to aerobic -- back to a normal oxygen breathing cell again. DMSO is also a superb analgesic -- relieves pain. DMSO can also be combined with other substances which cannot be absorbed transdermally and pull these substances through the skin into the blood easily. DMSO also has a distinct affinity to collect and accumulate within cancer tumors which makes it a unique delivery system against cancer. Vitamin C also has wide applications -- It boosts the immune system, it helps to both repair collagen damage and also helps to suppress protein digesting enzymes from the tumor cells and kills cancer causing pathogens in the cancerous cell. Vit C also chelates heavy metals and also aids to support cross cell-well porosity and absorbtion.

In the liver therapy given above -- Alpha Lipoic Acid, Selenium and Milk Thistle (as well as the amino acid N-Acetyl Cystene) all have anti-oxidant action -- particularly in the liver, where they are all used to help protect the liver as well as to help generate Glutathione, which is used to neutralize dangerous toxins -- mycotoxins, aflatoxins, lactic acid etc -- from the cancer. Alpha Lipoic acid is also an anti-oxidant in its own right that is also water and oil soluble -- so it can chelate heavy metals from both the blood system as well as from the fat storage sites in the body.

So these substances which are recommended above all have more good reason and purpose than just being anti-oxidants. BHT is an anti-oxidant that is strongly anti-viral and is capable of stopping cancer metastasis or the viral stage of cancer dead in its tracks. Methylene Blue reverts cancer host cells back to aerobic cells by methylation. MB also significantly boosts energy because it supercharges normal cell mitochondria thus increasing energy output from the cell's Kreb's or Citric Acid energy cycle. Both BHT and MB can also penetrate the blood/bone and blood/brain barriers to reach bone and brain cancers respectively.

So these are perhaps some other good reasons -- besides just being anti-oxidants -- why Ted has so carefully chosen these substances for his cancer remedy.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
391 posts

I have read Bill Thompson's article on my Cancer Remedies and have modified my own remedy somewhat in the following:

1. DMSO must be used with aloe vera oil to get a good cure. The DMSO converts to normal cells but with inflammation. To stop the inflammation I used aloe vera oil. The mixture is DMSO mixed with aloe vera oil 50/50 or DMSO applied first and then aloe vera oil is used. But whatever method you may choose to kill cancer cells, be it cesium chloride, DMSO, lugol's always needs aloe vera oil somewhere in the remedy.

2. Lugol's is now included as my major remedy protocol. The dose for my original remedy does include Lugol's. But it is used as a supportive remedy. Lugol's kill cancer cells by altering their voltages. Normal healthy cells are -70 mV to -110 mV. The Lugol's are +200 to +300 mV and since most cancer patients are diabetes, the sugar uptake is high, the Lugol's uptake is also high. That alters the cancer milivolts for rapidly dividing cells around -10 mV to -30 mV to +300 mV. The excess iodine itself kill cancer cells. The the additon of aloe vera will help regenerate into newer cells. The use of lugol's exist in cancer pain in reducing the severity of it until it becomes non existent. To to that 5 drops x 6 times a day is the minimum to achieve that, but also the same is required for the cancer remedy with just this as the cancer killing protocol.

While minor points of disagreement with Bill exist, I tend to overlook them as they don't effect the protocol.


Replied by Willie
Fort Mcmurray, Alberta/canada

Cancer treatments. What knowledge do you (or anyone else) have reguarding GRAVIOLA ?

Replied by Karen
Albany, Oregon


I have read your cancer diet restictions. I don't know of the foods that don't have calcium or sugar. Could you please tell me of some of the foods that are OK to eat. Thanks for all your great information you share with us.


Replied by Art
Tustin, California Usa

I often see Ted refer to "aloe vera oil"........ Does anyone know where to find it? I've looked on line and only find a one ounce bottle that is described as aloe vera oil that has these ingredients: Helianthus Annus (Sunflower) Seed Oil*, Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Leaf Gel*, Carthamus Tinctorius (safflower) Seed Oil*.

It sounds like it is used as a facial moisturizer.
Is this what Ted is refering to or is he refering to aloe vera gel or something else?


Replied by Lou
London, Uk

I noticed that Calcium is one of the restricted items. However, in case of Bone Cancer, when Xgeva (Dennosumab) is given, they recommend to take atleast 2000 to 3000 mg of Calcium suppliments along with Vit. D. So how does the Lysine/Threonine/Cystiene/Vit C. Therapy works in this particular case??

Replied by Manuel
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Many of the remedies I see here and in Ted´s posts are included in: There you will see much more and to excellent detail and also which treatments are compatible and which may have contraindications when used together.

The site is very very professional and with excellent technical backing.. There are excellent bibliographies for most issues and many links to follow for support.