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Stage 3 Cancer Help Badly Needed

Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) on 07/09/2011

Dear Ted, Good day to you sir. My father is suffering Stage 3 Cancer, metastatic currently. he was about to undergo operation due to the size of his lymph node, which is getting bigger, which made the air passage smaller. Doctor's plan is to install a tube inside his throat and stomach, in order for him to take food and breathe well, but due to his pneumonia detected during test, operation was cancelled.

he is now taking med for his pneumonia waiting to get cured and Doc might continue the operation by next week. Please help my father to get rid of his swelling lymph node located underneath of left ear. we don't think he can handle any procedure he's getting weak and weaker daily. swelling and severe headache is the biggest problem he has. every attack he cries so loud. pity him at age of 73 still suffering with this kind of health problem.

Chemo therapy and radiation are not the best options for him right now. Ted i always read most of your posts because i my self am a candida sufferer, due to rampant use of antibiotics last year. Ted help our family please, my father is going to report back to hospital next week, we hope you could help us, we don't want him to suffer further, he is too old for these therapies.

little history about him.. he was diagnosed with TRIGEMINAL NEURALGIA, then after a month with the hand of dentist, he gave up and started to send us to other doctors as he suspected my father had stage 2 cancer, he went for BIOPSY, read result below..

right lateral neck mass, fnba cytorhologic findings consistent with metastatic poorly differentiated squamous cell carcinoma.

the smears show several atypical polythedral epithelial cells in cluster and scattered singly. these have large pleomorphic nuclei, somtimes with prominent nucleof and scanty to fair amount of eosinopichillic cycoplasma, the tumor cells are admixed with many lypmpocycles, neutrophils and red blood cells.

my Advanced thanks to you, Ted

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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An iodine tincture will contain the spread and so will lysine. If it could not or have difficulty controlling it, tell me as I have other remedies. Check his blood sugar, it's the most important indicator in cancer. If it does not exceed 100 mg/dL he is well on his way to recover. Coriander, bitter gourd, and some local herbs to contain sugar will be the focus there.


07/30/2011: Anonymous replies: "Ted, Many thanks, my father underwent surgery 4 days ago, ENT doc installed a small pipe on his throat and stomach, this is to prevent air passage closure in case of further inflammation, feed him thru pipe now. Before that doc conducted another biopsy inside his mouth, to make sure if its really a cancer. They're planning to do a radiation therapy once confirmed. none of our family agreed. my family had no idea what to do next. but if my father is scheduled to see our creator, GOD cant do anything. told my bro and sis' accept the reality. meantime just do our best."

07/31/2011: Ted replies: "I have a person in Thailand who had a similar condition as you, installed tube, esophagus cancer spreading to the lungs, persistent cough, and no money so I donated some supplements to him.

The things that helped was the iodine tincture, 5 drops x 6 times a day (for pain and coughs), beta glucan, lysine, crocodile blood (capsules 1 in morning), DMSO, and bromelain. These I believe are the core remedy. Of importance is Beta glucan, for example is 1/2 teaspoon x 8 at same time as lysine 1/2 teaspoon x 4, lugols 5 drops x 6, and vitamin C 500 mg x 8 and DMSO, if possible 5 drops x 8. I believe that beta glucan must be stirred in water.

The element that save his life is blood sugar control, make sure it is below 90 mg/dL. There are several herbal remedies that do that, you will find in most antiviral supplements, such as andrographis paniculata, and other locally. They are needed to control blood sugar so you measure his blood sugar and test every herbs out there. This is the "wild card" because, only certain herbs can achieve this blood sugar that is essential to cancer control. Such a thing as bitter melon, but you have to test the herbs locally, there is one I know reduces this such as coriander juice, parsley juice, and local antiviral remedy. If the person is not cured, we are basically vulnerable to the same condition as him in some future time, that's why we need to find them. I do achieve it, but it was mostly from NO CARBS, but the results are inconsistent without a constituent blood sugar control, from local antiviral supplements such as andrograhis paniculata, stonebreaker (Chanca Piedra) in your country. This is needed to achieve a cure.


EC: "Earth Clinic advises extreme discretion in the use of iodine at these levels. In this area, Ted's work is experimental and only intended for cancer patients. Normal dosage is half a drop per day--begin with that and slowly increase your daily dose. Please see our Iodine Remedies section for possible side effects, cautions, and the potential benefits of iodine supplementation.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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If there is any consolation for blood sugar thing, I think N Acetyl Cysteine helps some 1/4 teaspoon four times a day, once his cancer condition has stabilized you reduce to 1/8 teaspoon twice a day. CoQ10 in the market is unacceptable (but better than nothing), but it is 400 mg three times a day. The local herbs are cheaper, but you must have blood sugar meters to find your blood sugar level. But I can help you with some possible suspects, they are camphor (1/10 teaspoon), coriander (lots of it), and andrographis, are some options. This is the major weakness of my remedy, you have to find local herbs, and my patients unfortunately are CURED before I have a chance to find it!


07/31/2011: Anonymous replies: "Ted, Good Day! Is it okay to start with the mentioned remedy ASAP? currently he was given the following Medicine 'CELECOXIB' and SULTAMICILIN, antibiotic and pain reliever. Discharged yesterday and we're maintaining this meds only, we feed him thru pipe doc gave Glucerna SR milk, with huge mineral content, 6 times a day 178ml per serving, plus 39ml of water every meal

it looks messy after the operation, phlegm coming out from his tube, need to suck at all times, bought suction machine, and the big big headache and nerve attack still active and its very painful, no changes. there's no other thing given to stop or contain the cancer while clock is ticking, and they said the cancer spread too fast

many thanks to your guidance, ill start to gather those herbs and minerals."

07/31/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "Yes it ok to start.

Most important addition in esophagus cancer is beta glucan. The more the better. 1/4 teaspoon beta glucan x 3 a day. If you can find it. If not alpha lipoic acid with milk thistle (or thunbergia laurifolia).


08/09/2011: Anonymous replies: "Hello Ted, My mother bring my father to hospital yesterday for a weekly check up, while in hospital he was sent to pain management section. from there my father was given a dose of unknown liquid to calm the pain down, 3 shots according to my mother, I suspect its morphine, then doc prescribed a morphine along with some other antibiotics as well,

Mad with my relatives really. My father sleeps whole day and the following day suffering headache, dizziness, very weak for the time being he is not taking anything yet since i found out yesterday, none of those were taken, i would like to continue the protocol but don't know how to start again, do i have to cleanse him first, please advise. morphine is very dangerous right?

Replied by Anonymous

Ted, another question, we feed him thru pipe connected to his stomach, he got 2 pipes inserted another one on his throat. we just gave him milk with huge mineral content, can we served fresh extract herbs like coriander or parsley juice through that pipe?

Can any other super food like spirullina be taken? looking for other options aside from milk as the only source. i know milk is bad but we had no choice, currently i only had the following minerals on hand, H202 / LOGULS SOLUTION/ VIT C ASCORBATE/ L-LYSIENE / GREEN TEA EXTRACT/ SELLENIUM/ B COMPLEX / N- ACETYL / MILK THISTLE/ A-LIPOIC / CQ10 / PANCREATIC ENZYME /

Been interrupted with Doc's action yesterday. please advise how I'm going to use the above minerals, i was derailed yesterday sorry. since we all agree to continue the alternative med rather than Doc prescription which is harmful and my father's condition is mestatis known to be a fast one, thanking you in advance."


is fine.

In this case, as he is tube fed and not given orally, and his metastatic cancer, the common pattern is that you have to stop the metastatic, and that can only be with lysine, n acetyl cysteine and green tea extract, given hourly for 4 hours in morning, and hourly in evening. Milk thistle, alpha lipoic acid, and pancreatic enzymes, can be given 6 to 8 times a day, and CoQ10 is 300 mg x 4 times. This is the common approach. The dosages of lysine, N acetyl cysteine and green tea extract usually follows this pattern: 1/2 teaspoon of lysine, 1/8 teaspoon of N acetyl cysteine, and 1/8 teaspoon of green tea extract, and 1/8 ascorbic acid.

Selenium is often given in a severe case, taken 200 mcg x 2, but must be in form of selenium yeast, if not that is 200 mcg x 2, if selenium yeast, its dosages can be twice as high, such as 200 mcg x 4. That's my experience as it doesn't cause the side effects as does the sodium selenite.

Of course given the list of limited supplements to try that would be the dosage pattern for most metastatic cancer. There are other supplements I like to try but since that is what is given, then the outcome is decided by the supplements.

As to your inquiry of milk. It cannot have sugar and milk is generally not good speaking from experience. As to spirulina, yes it is generally helpful, say the dosages can be 1/4 teaspoon and two or three times a day, as super foods.


Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Most of the clients died from morphine given by their doctors, the rest died from respiratory infections, blood poisoning due to hospital infections, and the rest died from chemotherapy or radiation therapy or surgery. None of the patients died from cancer or alternative cancer treatments. The two leading causes of death that I can compile are morphine overdose (that's how most hospitals deal with patients). How it is done is very intelligent. Suppose you require x dose per day x times per day. They will give them all at once, which will cause death. The report will say he was given normal dose PER day. So yes it is dangerous. The hard part is trying to find a cure for morphine, and in some cases it leads to addiction. In Europe they euthanize (nice word of killing) with a morphine overdose and in a single dose, also.

As far as getting a person from morphine who can't eat anything. I will try B50 three times a day for only 3 days, and that is enough, because excess B1 is forbidden. Thereafter, I will concentrate on B2, B3, B6, and B12. B3 is needed in large amounts, in fact in human tissues, or mammalian tissues, B3 is the leading vitamin overshadowing the rest. Lysine is the limiting amino acid in humans and in animals, because it is not easily bioavailable when you heat them, and because of high sugar in human diets, lysine is subjected to getting glycated or cross linked. The third amino acid I will try to concentrate on is N acetyl cysteine.

In order to get the appetite back there are a couple of things that stand out (that helped in Morphine-induced cachexia and cancer). They are digestive enzymes, betaine HCL, or just very sour lemon juice, and 1000 mg of ascorbic acid (and NO CALCIUM).

Here is a simple protocol for the people who don't have access to a lot of supplements:
Ascorbic acid only (preferably powder form) of 1/4 teaspoon or 1000 mg in tablet form (beaten to powder) taken hourly for a whole day, until the person recovers. The B3 is 300 mg taken ten times a day, as sleep inducing in place of morphine.

Should the person wants to eat but can't that's because stomach acid aren't producing, in which case I used 4 drops of hydrochloric acid is the gold standard, or if unavailable, it is then betaine HCl is used before a meal so the person won't throw up.

If a person has access to digestive enzymes that can be taken throughout the day, to help digestion. by converting pepsinogen to pepsin, this pepsin is needed to digest the food, but is given throughout the day, to help his energy and his hunger for food.

The food is ketogenic diet which is basically a low carb diet the same as diabetic to all cancer patients because a majority is diabetic. Now my standards are different, 90 mg/dL is maximum normal sugar that also is the standards for most of the mammals as well. But hospital system is to maximum of 100 mg/dL and there is some "progressive" hospitals to raise the envelope to 110 mg/dL. In the future if all people are diabetic, I will bet they will raise that to 120 mg/dL. 40 years ago, environment protection figures were say you cannot get more than x effluent waste, then 20 years ago it was 2x then 10 years ago 4x. So the figures are raised not for your safety, it was to protect the industry and employment. The only real numbers are found in the animal kingdom, not us.


Replied by Anonymous

Ted, thank you, i think my father slowly recovered from morphine effect, he was able to walk and seat now. question: can i give him the iodine back? i found it effective really."

08/13/2011: Ted from Bangkok, Thailand replies: "Yes, give the iodine. It's required.