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Vitamin C and K3 (msb)

Posted by Carol on 12/23/2007

Hello Ted, I've been researching powerful cancer fighting properties of the combination Vitamin C:K3 (MSB). I'd like to use the combination on myself if it were not for one problem. Vitamin K3 is only sold in China. I can not locate it anywhere in the United States. I wonder why the United States Court of International Trade denied the petition on June 25, 2003. Do you have any insight? Thank you Carol

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Carol: Since K3 is presently being considered as a part of chemotherapy by the pharmaceutical industries, although I doubt they actually used it, it is therefore not classified as a natural supplements and hence not sold in the market.

A much simpler explanation is that drug companies would rather sell it to you than if you buy them directly from the suppliers, which is a more profitable route or perhaps block the sale on technical issue, which if you are a good lawyer can actually win a case on that issue alone. Courts are not scientist, and they change with the wind, depending, on prior judgement, whether the court is conservative or liberal, and in fact there is a mathematical model that can predict the outcome of a court case more accurately than legal experts.

Therefore, when it becomes a problem getting K3, K2 is used instead, or a more natural fermented natto, which is also high in vitamin K2, but not K3, is the practical course, albeit a less a less effective route than the use of K3 for treatment of cancer. Yes, a K3 and vitamin C can be a powerful method for treatment of cancer, but I doubt that it will be available in the anytime soon.

In tissue culture grown of cancer cells, such as the HeLa cancer cell tissue, which grows quite fast, I suspect, it hardly have any human chromosomes in there, and to prevent their growth, a more practical approach is that a cancer tissue culture soup can't grow if the solution pH is relatively high, and hence alkaline is one primarily method of suppressing one, for one thing, alkalinity drives out carbon dioxide (just add baking soda to a cola), and increases oxygen as the CO2 is lowered. Our ocean's water pH is about 8, and if the pH were much lower it would have been lower than that I am sure sharks would get cancer too, but I think they will die from the acidity of the water more than the cancer. Even by a very conservative thought, acid burns and cause the skin to be swollen, while a slightly alkaline may reduce this swollen cancer cell effects as alkalinity will reduce the cancer tumor size, at the very least. It should be noted that a simple basic cancer growth is they simply don't grow in highly oxygenated environment. Even a baking soda and H2O2 drops remedy is some other simpler things I might consider if the K3 were not made available, or even the Baking soda and lemon remedy, might also help the condition somewhat. In microbiology we take it that most cancerous tissue culture to be virus. That means a virus orders healthy human cells to produce itself many times over, and hence the cancer cells do not divide on its own, but under the commands of the virus, and this is why telomerase (which tells how long a cell can live not to divide, say over 20 times) are not used up. Therefore, if the virus is eliminated or suppressed, at the same time, the immunity is high enough so that the white blood cells can gobble up the cancer cells faster than they can divide, than I think there's a chance to get rid of them. Most of our canned foods and packaged foods has bisphenol-A and this is an estrogen hormone which promotes obesity, precocious puberty, amongst other things, but in excesses also promotes cancer too, as the hormones causes the cells to divide faster, so in other words, it is like a cancer cells on steroids, where a weakened white blood cells (weakened by chemotherapy!) have no chance of winning an Olympiad cancer cells on steroids from all the junk foods we eat.