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Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 12/22/2010 391 posts

This is the single most FAQ I have for people with cancer: What foods to avoid if you have cancer? In every people I see I end up answering this issue. Cancerous tumors requires sugar and glucose for them to persist, but they REQUIRE FRUCTOSE FOR THEM TO METASTASIZE. The best ways to stop the metastasis if you just want one word, has got to be the lysine, BUT WITHOUT THE CALCIUM. The issue of cancer survival is based on Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA), that people who has more then 90 mg/dL of blood sugar has a 97% chance of dying. And those below to or equal to 90 mg/dL has a 97% chance of survival. It's a key fact that people keep overlooking.

It takes a cancer to general metastasis within 2 hours after consuming most fructose. Examples include, drinking two glasses of coconut juices, 2 pounds of eating whole frambutams, one pineapples, three mangoes, are such examples I have witnessed when they do go into metastasis. In one cases of liver cancer, it took 4 days to get cancer under control after consuming mangoes, coconut juice or other sweet fruits. Cancer here in Thailand exploded, at least in 5 years here, right after the sales of fruit juices skyrocketed here in Thailand. So it's no coincidence that fruit juices, in itself, even without the sugar (called sucrose), do contain appreciable amounts of sweets, such as fructose found in fruits to begin with. People tell me how healthy it is about fruits, when they fail to realize that research studies assume people with normal blood sugar find them beneficial, and also that in laboratory rats, we prepare fruit extracts, WITHOUT the sugar fructose. Fructose is more dangerous then sucrose, but sucrose is a double sugar that has fructose and glucose built in. The body's insulin merely controls your blood glucose, but has no control of fructose directly allowing fructose, as a trojan horse to damage the system. The liver may have another solution to convert them to fats, in the liver, but that takes times. I have seen many cases of people becoming diabetes just consuming fruits itself. There is three rules to become diabetes, and make cancer grow when your blood sugar is uncontrollable: Here it is:

1. Fruit juices and sweet drinks. A soft drink contains 10% sugar. So in a 1 liter of soft drink, you have just consumed 100 grams of sugar. If you do this three times a day, and do that for 4 days. you have actually consumed about 1.2 kilograms of sugar. That is more than 2 pounds of sugar. It is beyond what the body can metabolize. We are practically growing cancer farms.

2. Oily foods, especially polyunsaturated fatty acids. Perhaps the only known oil that does not damage the liver is the coconut oil and lard. They are both saturated fats and in chemistry are not subjected to free radical attacks. Put a vegetable oil in the sun side to side with coconut oil, in one month, coconut oil remains the same, but the vegetable oil will turn to glue. Imagine what happens if this occurs in the body as fats and oil tend to accumulate and stay in your body for a long time. Coconut oil are actually converted to energy, termed ketone bodies, so they don't accumulate in the liver. Polymerization is similar to glycation, a well known theory of aging, but cancer takes advantage of polymerization necessary for their growth. It offers them a sort of protection against invading white blood cells, allowing cancer to grow. Hence, fried foods are avoided, since vegetable oils has a low boiling point and melting point and chemically broken into a cancer causing compunds as in acrylamide, when they are reacted with sugar, starch and oil again.

3. Wheat products. Wheat contains a protein that destroys your pancreas, and studies show that this alone can initiate type 1 diabetes. Now in a cancer patient, if the pancreas doesn't work, blood sugar gets high, but as pancreas get destroyed, it can't produced pancreatic enzymes. These digestive enzymes protect cancer from turning into pancreatic enzymes. Without enough enzymes in your system, the body cannot digest the food and hence cancer in general can't eat, can end up having cancer cachexia. Part of the reason is if we can't digest the food, we can't eat the food.

The above three tends to fuel cancer growth by giving more sugar to the cancer.

As to the short list of not to eat, here is an excerpt from one of my private emails as to what foods to avoid:

..."It is MOST important to get blood sugar below or equal to 90 mg/dL. You have a 97% survival from cancer if you do. Hence, supplements that reduce blood sugar is helpful, as in glucophage (metforming) twice a day, B3 250 mg three times a day, B1 100 three times a day, are the best ones in controlling blood sugar. White tea is important in flushing out excess sugar.

Blood sugar, my method is checked for blood glucose AFTER 1 HOUR of eating food. This is my method to check for blood sugar issues in cancer patients. The conventional is 12 hour fasting, which hides potential for blood sugar issues in cancer people. Drug store have a glucose tester or local clinic can check. The goal is to achieve 90 mg/dL or less of blood sugar.

CANCER FEEDS ON SUGAR. They GROW IN PRESENCE OF FRUIT SUGAR, such as fructose, especially. Their fuel is glucose, which comes from sweet products. High carbohydrate especially WHEAT MUST BE AVOIDED. WHEAT DESTROYS PANCREAS THAT CONTROLS INSULIN THAT CONTROLS YOUR BLOOD SUGAR


NO Fruit and fruit juices. as in pineapples, mangoes, watermelon, etc.

NO WHEAT PRODUCTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NO sweet drinks, as in Coke, Pepsi, diet pepsi, etc.
NO sugar
NO artificial sugar.
NO carbonated water. Plain water is always ok
NO chewing gums, whether they be xylitol, chicklets
NO corn syrup or fructose
NO vegetable oils except coconut oil used in cooking
NO fried foods
NO calcium
NO large meals consisting of large amounts of meats
NO fried foods of any kinds

The above are most important. Partially cooked meats, not large portions ok. Drink plenty of water during meals. DO not eat before sleep and no large meals in dinner. Dinner time is best before 5 p.m. No meals after this. Obviously no snacks and bakery products.

If you have difficulty remembering all this list, just no sweets, especially in drinks of all kinds. The other is white bread.

I am sure this won't cure your cancer, but the survival statistics on blood sugar"


Replied by Daniella
Palm Springs, Ca, Usa

Hello Ted,
I need something for my father and was thinking to try Aloe Vera that someone mentioned here but was wondering what is the purpose of using so much honey when sweets are bad for cancer. Also alcohol.

Hopefully Ted or someone else could clarify this. Thanks