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Tumor in Tongue

Posted by D. on 05/15/2011


Might I be so bold as to ask for your advice. I have a tumor in my tongue at the base on the left side. About two centimeters in size. At this point in time I think it best not to have the doctors remove it. Is it possible for me to take the DMSO internally.. if much do you advise? And, is it advisable to use the DMSO as a mouthwash.

Thank you in advance for your advice.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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I would try at least three things that worked for me: DMSO, aloe vera oil (if you can find it), and broccoli juice. The lysine, threonine and glutamine is used to prevent metasasis. DMSO is mixed with Aloe vera oil, I can't be specific but it is about 50% aloe vera oil and 50% DMSO. The aloe vera oil is there to prevent inflammation of the area, but also is there to encourage healing of the area. If you can't find it than you prepare as 50% DMSO with water and do that as a mouthwash, but leave in the mouth for at least 1-2 minutes. You may do it as many times so long as the inflammation is not too much. Brocolli juice may be prepared as a drink to help suppress tumor at the same time, but most important of all is NO SUGAR and watch your blood sugar not the exceed after eating one hour 100 dL/mg. and normal blood glucose fasting sugar 90 dL/mg.

Yes, you can take DMSO internally. The dose that seems to work is at least 10 drops 5 times a day.


Ted writes again: "There is evidence also of nanobacteria is found in tumors. So it helps it you take 400-500 mg of EDTA and 500 mg of tetracycline HCL, it will take time for this one, about 1 month, but worth the try. Be sure tetracycline is taken at night away from food 2 hours. EDTA is taken twice or three times."

D. replies, "Thanks again. Be assured that your instructions are being followed to the letter . Although, it may take at least a week to secure the Tetracycline HCL , as it had to be ordered online. Am also in the process of using the Essiac protocol , as I had seen it work for so many others."

Ted replies, "And don't forget Lugol's half strength 4 drops per dose two to three times a day. It shrinks tumors."

D. replies, "I have Lugols 7% . Is two drops four times a day ok?"

Ted responds, "It's ok with 7%, 2 drops, you can try 2 times a day, and go to 4 times a day if you can take lugol's without lightheadedness or nausea.