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Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 01/16/2009 391 posts

I have recently experimented and discovered a couple of others relating to cancer that can be helped greatly (all of the survived of course) which includes azoxystrobin is found in decaying pine cone - a natural material that I used for bone cancer! that also have awesome remission too. The stuff is found in fungicide application and is one of the safest around. The dosage, amazingly is low, only several drops is required a day. The applications for this is huge, it is one of few supplements that can go deep enough into bone marrow cancer and work its magic in remission. It's based on my theory of slow cancer and fast cancer. A slow cancer are fungus and they tend to attack the bones. A fast cancer are viral in nature and kills the patient in matter of days, often exhibiting as a metastaic condition. Hence, I used BHT against metastasis and EDTA which prevents blood clots in cancer victims. The other great anti-cancer supplements against any cancer polyps is the bloodroot tincture or sanguinaria tincture. I am currently looking at bloodroot tincture (40%) the possibility of using this against more advanced forms of Morgellon's disease that's currently resistant against borax and peroxide remedy.