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Is Toasted Sesame Oil Okay for Op?

Posted by Janelle on 03/30/2009

Hi Ted! I have been doing much research on the earth clinic website and am abt to start oil pulling. the only sesame oil i could find is organic and cold-pressed but it is also toasted sesame oil. Do you know is this would be fine to use or should I just go to sunflower oil instead? Thanks for all your help on the site-keep up the great work!


Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
391 posts

Most sesame seed can be used for oil pulling. Toasted means it's been heated. I generally don't like heated or toasted because oils become oxidized and rancid. So the fact that it's toasted and cold pressed doesn't sound like they are in agreement either.


Replied by Benjamin
Elkton, Va

For sesame seed oil, toasted means that the seeds were toasted prior to extracting the oil. So the oil can still be cold pressed.