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Is It Safe for a Child?

Posted by Laurie (Bakersfield) on 10/24/2006

Could you please let me know if it would be O.K. for a child to oil pull? He has cerebal palsy and has suffered with allergies and sinus problems for years. How dangerous is it if he accidentally swallows it? (he doesn't have great control over his mouth. Also I have a daughter who has ADD (Attention deficeit disorder) do you have any home remedys for her? Thanks!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Laurie: Allergies and sinus problems will often be greatly helpped with taking zinc acetate, 20/mg, magnesium 100 mg/day, sodium molybdate and fulvic acid. These are four important supplements that helped with allergies and quite a common deficiency often results in allergies.

The other issue is taking some 1/8 teaspoon of baking soda twice a day in 1/4 glass of water, once in morning and once in evening on empty stomach. For children the dose is half that of an adult. Alkalizing pH will restore the health by increasing oxygen necessary to oxidize the bugs. Most of sinus problems is often due to fungus issues, so removing rugs, carpets in the house in a place where the child sleeps should help.

How dangerous is it if he accidentally swallows it? (he doesn't have great control over his mouth. Also I have a daughter who has ADD (Attention deficeit disorder) do you have any home remedys for her?

Swallowing the oil pulling is not dangerous, but accidental oil getting into the lungs obstructing the breathing passages is not good either. Therefore, to remove the heavy metals, giving a small amounts of chinese parsley of 10-20 leaves per day, fresh mixed with food taken on alternate weeks should be greatly helped.

Since heavy metals is at issue, taking 1/8 teaspoon of citric acid plus 1/8 teaspoon of baking soda on 1/4 glass of water should help remove BOTH the bugs and the metals, since sodium citrate is a by product of this reaction will help most of the condition better than just the baking soda alone.

So you just have to decide whether the sinus is more serious or learning difficulty is. Learning difficulty this second formula will work and I have seen some good feedback from this. The secret is that you must do these ONLY ON ALTERNATIVE WEEK. On first week you can give him hydergine, pyroglutamate, citric acid plus baking soda, and chinese parsley. On the second week you do absolutely nothing to allow the body to relax and detox itself. Then on third week you begin again. The children body has a limited capacity to remove the toxins out and they need AT LEAST a week of this. Sometimes I have seen longer. Where the treatment lasts only a week, and for two weeks you do nothing.

However, in case of zinc supplements for a child with this condition, this is even more unusual. You can only give him only 2-3 days and stop and wait for two weeks and begin.

Cod liver oil, fish oil and lecithin given at different times will help remove heavy metals.

I wouldn't recommend oil pulling, I would recommend things that I have seen to worked well with children and just stick to well worn path that I found to have worked extremely well since this protocol was tested and continually improved upon for the last two years for children with learning disorders.

It is important that the child avoids eating any fried foods as oil in fried foods act like a sponge on heavy metals while you are using cooking utensils made from stainless steel. As you know stainless steel have nickel and iron. Nickel people do have a reaction. Just imagine what happens if eat it. Therefore, only boiled foods, baked foods, and as usual no microwave cooking and sweets. No processed food.

To the drinking water, add 1/8 teaspoon of disodium EDTA per liter of water. This will remove any free radical from the body and allows the child to recover faster. I have not decided yet whether this should be continued definitely or to do the alternate week approach. You have to decide that yourself. However, in my opinion use this only on alternate weeks approach and if all goes well you MIGHT consider using this throughout the treatment period.

As before, this protocol has worked very well with children's learning disorders. Carnosine is one supplement that seems to reduce the toxicity of copper and zinc in the brain, but I have at the moment did not receive any feedback from parents on this. Usually when I pressed for it the typical responses is they were cured and no feedback was needed.