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Will Op Help My Tooth Abscess?

Posted by Jodi (Elizabethtown, US) on 08/24/2007

I had an abscessed tooth that had been dormant for many years. I started oil pulling three weeks ago and my abscess really got bad. Could this possibly be due to the Oil Pulling since it brings all the bacteria to the surface? Should I have kept oil pulling or did I do the right thing by stopping?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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If that is a problem, then adding several drops of peppermint oil should stop the problem. Also, oil pulling is done between brushing of teeth so any residual oil pulling that may lead to bacterial buildup because it was improperly cleaned may lead to this problem as a result of not brushing the teeth properly AFTER oil pulling. If it is a real problem, I would consider using 1% hydrogen peroxide after everything is finished just be be certain.

Replied by Derangedkai
Mullum, Nsw

Hi Ted, I desperately need your opinion on this!

I too have had an infection that was dormant for many years, but a month or 2 of oil pulling surfaced it in full force! It is a severe abscess at the root of my tooth attacking my dental pulp, the dentist say I need a root canal... But I have read so much about them lately and truly believe that it is not a good option for my long term health. I am only 22! I have also developed a fistula on the roof of my mouth.

Will oil pulling make this worse, or do you recommend I keep pulling? Or any other advice, I'm desperate to get rid of this naturally!

Replied by Cindy
Paradise, Ca

I have been very impressed with Oil of Oregano for oral issues. It has stopped several toothaches. One of them I had for over a year, dentist twice for it - no help. I put 2 drops of 50% solution of O of O on my toothbrush after brushing with toothpaste and leave it on for a minute or two. ~

Replied by Rebecca
Scranton, Pa

So glad to come across this thread on my favorite website. Very informative! I have had a root abscess for over 2 years and it has not bothered me. Until the other day. Ugh. The dentist of course wanted to root canal the tooth right away but again I waited because the tooth was not bother me. So now with the pain, pressure, and sensitivity on the tooth.. I had to do something. Oil pulling! Worked almost instantly. I started with coconut oil and now switch to olive oil after reading the benefit of different oils. I am currently oil pulling 3 times a day and this is day 2 and my tooth is much better. What I am wondering is how long should I keep the oil pulling up? I am going to oil pull for the rest of my life but was thinking more on a once a week basis or so. I don't want this abscess to come back. Any ideas?? I have also incorporated oil of oregano when I oil pull and put it on the tooth directly. All help appreciated. Thanks again for all the great info.

Replied by Eve

I had an abcess that started hurting days after I started oil pulling. I guess it had been dormant all along, I hadn't known it was there. I was not able to cure it with months oil pulling, peppermint oil, clove oil etc. , but appreciate how powerful a detox op is. My lungs always cough up some phlegm immediately after oil pulling. I consider it essential to the healing my lungs have experienced. I got multiple chemical sensitivity which gave me 2 asthma attacks a few years ago. I love this site and mention it in two of my videos and blog posts. It's a detox blog and for MCS. I just made about oil pulling, most of the info I got from here. Thanks!