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Should I Pull with a Cold?

Posted by Sue (New Jersey) on 12/22/2006

I've been oil pulling for almost two weeks. It's not as bad as some readers let on. I first tried with VCO and a drop of peppermint oil since I didn't have sesame or sunflower oil on hand. It tasted like a peppermint patty. I've also tried with cold pressed virgin olive oil.. not bad, but not tasty either. So far I can only report that my teeth look whiter and brighter and I THINK it cooled my PMS rage as well as lightened my 'flow.' Sorry TMI. Today I bought sesame oil and tasted it wondering if it's supposed to taste like toasted sesame seeds? Did I get the wrong type of oil? The store where I picked it up had so MANY brands and types of sesame oil... black sesame oil, pure sesame oil, flavored sesame oils. I picked up a bottle that says 100% pure since I didn't think I wanted the toasted stuff. If this oil is toasted, will it still be effective for oil pulling? Another thing I was wondering... what healing crisis have others experienced with oil pulling? I got a really bad throat infection/cold and I rarely sick or feel ill for more than a day. Could this be the healing crisis for me? I was going to skip pulling this morning since I'm still sick, then decided to do it anyway... a word of caution... be careful when pulling with a cold. I made a mess when I had a sudden sneeze RIGHT before I was about to spit the oil out. DISGUSTING.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Sue: You are absolutely right. Oil pulling should not be done if you have a cold or about to have a cold. Use baking soda mouthwash instead. The oils are generally not antiviral, they are antibacterial. In general BEFORE I have a cold (first sign or suspicious), I would take 1/2 teaspoon mixed with baking soda and drink, take zinc acetate.

However, there IS a formula for these kinds of oil pulling too! Generally, 2 drops of tea oil added to oil pulling will reduce the problems of the colds viruses issues, since tea tree oil are strongly antiviral. As mentioned before in other emails, oil pulling is still plain vanilla and it needs to modify to adapt with various problems and applications.

For those who are determined to use oil pulling thick or thin, without tea tree oil, or want to do a more thorough juob doing baking soda every 5 minutes for at least 3 times before oil pulling will often kill most of the viruses quite quickly.

A strong baking soda mouthwash is a teaspoon of baking soda will stirred to 1/2 glass of water.

As to the sesame seed oil question get the refined one, without any additions, the clear one in this case can remove the toxins from the body better.