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Colon Cleansing Added Benefit

Posted by Fran (Montreal, Canada) on 06/12/2007

Question re oil swishing I mentionned your site to a friend who was very enthusiastic and tred the sunflower swishing oil. She did this treatment religiously morning and night. after a few days she had diarrhea for a couple of days and abdomen pain which after a day or two was almost gone but after another 2 days she had something come out from her bowels a dark jelly fish-like come out from her bowel movement. I wished she would have kept it for analysis but she didn't. So I'm wondering what could this be.Hope you can help me understand. She is almost scared to keep on the treatment. Fran

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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The conditions you mentioned is often called colon cleansing. The stringy jelly black brown substances are what causes the disease.

It was actually first popularized Dr. Bernard Jensen (he is most well known for iridology, but colon cleansing is a more valuable contributions, I believe) who first popularized the use of colon cleansing, but it might happen to some people doing oil pulling with a very unhealthy colon full of food and protein, and gelatin like substance that is toxic for the body.

In fact I have seen people who are cured of dark circles under they eyes whenever these substances that exist in your body are removed. Some gross out pictures are available for you to peruse here:


There are actually thousands of picture from other places if you use proper keywords to find them. What I used was simply Bernard Jensen, was more than sufficient to find a couple of them using google image search.

The colon cleansing effect don't happen for people who have healthy colon and it is possible that people who do oil pulling can have colon cleansing effect, provided they have an unhealthy colon.

So the fact that the body clears out the substance is good news. To keep that toxic substance causes autointoxication of the body that can lead to all kinds of sickness.

It is therefore something not to be feared of but something I would like to get rid of myself. Unfortunately, I believe my colons are already healthy and clean due to life long alkalization I do. Therefore it often occurs on people who have a lifelong or frequent constipation or bad dietary habits if those stringy jelly substance should exist. They can anywhere from a couple of inches to several feet long, by the way! But the pictures are still nevertheless interesting, if you don't get grossed out!