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Should I Remove Dentures Before Pulling?

Posted by Karen on 08/09/2007

I keep checking the site but have not seen a response to this question. I would really appreciate your input. Question: Should dentures be removed to do oil pulling? I have a full plate on the top and a partial plate on the bottom (only four natural teeth on the bottom). Thank You, Karen

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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It is best to be remove, however, oil works the same way as eating food and can be done even if they are not removed. However, they should still be rinsed with a good mouthwash, with or without the dentures.

Replied by Bonnie
Puyallup, Wa, USA

I just recently asked the same question. Should I remove dentures while OP.

Please consider. Dentures have a lot of places for bacteria to hide. I have tried OP with and without. The dentures hold the oil on the surface of your gums while killing bacteria on your dentures.