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Metal Fillings

Posted by M on 09/28/2007

So if you have metal fillings it may or may not effect them. My husband is worried his fillings will come out and then he will have the expense of new ones. I told him that could be a good thing.What has the spitting in water things? I am using coconut oil, *Should it be olive or sesame?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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The oil pulling won't remove the fillings, generally speaking, but if it does, getting a resin composite fillings doesn't have a heavy metals and looks great cosmetically. Aside from the mercury safety issues from metal fillings, the metals tend to expand and causes the teeth to crack and in my case, the entire teeth disintegrated. While a resin does the opposite, it tends to shrink overtime, creating a leak. The advantage of the resin is it tends to preserve the structure of the teeth without pushing out to crack the teeth. When doing a composite filling make sure the component of the mix is not an estrogen disruptor but a brocolli or cabbage, which have indole 3 carbinol, will eventually neutralize the estrogen disruptor.

When using it as oil pulling the oil absorbs the heavy metals and reduce some whenever it is spit out. If removal of heavy metals is the goal, I actually make no real preference for coconut oil, olive oil or sesame oil. However, I do get a negative feedback from sesame oil as the process of oil extraction uses a metal drums and the coconut oil tends to harden in cold temperatures. If there's no problem on those, then it is generally quite find. Coconut oil is antiviral, a sunflower is somewhat antibacterial, while the olive oil I get the least complaints from use.