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After 2 Months of Oil Pulling, No Results

Posted by Jacqueline on 03/31/2009

Hello Ted,

I've been oil pulling for over two months now and I haven't seen any whitening of the teeth, improved energy or skin like glass. I suffer from fatique, rosacea, and depression and was hoping to see some benefits from oil pulling, but so far nothing. I am using 1 tsp cold pressed sunflower oil and swish for about ten minutes each morning. I am unable to swish for 15-20 because my mouth becomes full. Therefore, I use fresh oil for the next 10 minutes for about a total of 20 minutes.

Is oil pulling a therapy that works on some and not others? or should I hang in there awhile longer?

Also, is it safe to use undiluted borax (Mule 20) on your face? I've done this a couple times and rinsed with water and haven't had any bad reactions. I've also applied it directly to my toenail which as a fungus. Please let me know if applying undiluted borax to the body is dangerous.

I'm looking forward to hearing your response.



Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Jackie:

Certain fungus like organism, not all are killed with oil, but some do not. Certain vitiligo thrives in hydrogen peroxide because these bacteria or fungus has its waste product creates hydrogen peroxide which leads to whitening of the skin patches. Hence a hydrogen peroxide won't work for certain vitiligo, while a copper solution might. My approach has been to specifically look at the disease, find the cause, and then look at appropriate remedies. Some other people might look from another angle, look at one remedy to solve many of their conditions. Which is more like putting the cart before a horse. Either that, or I am old fashion. LOL.

In any event a depression is a condition that seems to work best if a selenium supplements are taken rather than oil pulling per se. That's because selenium has more to do with brain function, which was were found to be helpful towards depression. The dosage for that appears to be closer to 1000 mcg of selenium supplements per day, being the optimum dose, with a minimum dose around 200 mcg.

Some organisms are killed by oil pulling, some are not. I have seen organisms to thrive in hydrogen peroxide and some to thrive in sulfuric acid. They can also survive in extreme heat and extreme cold and NASA is looking on life on Mars, even though human survival there are still inhospitable, certain organism do be able to thrive their or even in Antarctica. I have seen them to thrive in hot springs for example. Cancer is an organism in itself be able to survive too and be able to become resistant to chemotherapy, as equally as a cancer becoming resistant to even clove oil, a common remedy I used against both cancer and chronic fatigue. Later on because of this "resistant" I had to switched to cinnamon, oil, which these cancer organism, did learn to become resistant again, to my surprise. In any event, there was a happy ending to that cancer case anyway. it wasn't able to become resistant to alkaline and hydrochloric acid therapy. Sounds like a paradox, but it's not. The body needs the hydrochloric acid to help digestion and drops of this were added to drinking water along with eating while after hours of eating, I then switched to baking soda to alkalized the blood and drive off carbon dioxide, to kill the cancer cells that way. it's an anaerobic so are killed if higher level of oxygen is present, but at the same time, a weak Hydrochloric acid would also digest them, but can a cancer tumor may also be injected with very weak solutions of milk of magnesia and get killed that way also. Every disease will have a characteristic footprint in which it responds to.

A chronic fatigue syndrome mostly quickly with 10 drops of 3% H2O2, because of the known cause to be Esptein Barr virus, which generally don't like high oxygen environment or hydrogen peroxide drops is added in drinking water. 30-40 drops of H2O2 3% may also be added into drinking water and drank throughout the day to keep the CFS controlled. However, I have also resorted to magnesium and malic acid with baking soda to neutralize the acidity as being a necessity to resolving that one.

As to the yellowing of the teeth, the best remedy I can come up with is a combination of a weak solution of zinc chloride between 0.1% to 3%, where the average concentration is around 0.5% to 1%, mixed with xylitol powder 30%, some sea salt and equal mixtures of baking soda and potassium bicarbonate, used as a tooth paste, if added with appropriate detergent powder or soap powder.

A borax is in powder form, so I can't say much about "undiluted". A borax solution is always in a water solution, but they generally have low solubility which prevents them from attaining higher concentration. My concentration is to find a level of borax where it can no longer dissolve itself is a saturated level of borax and used that as a borax solution to rid of rosacea. Requires the addition of hydrogen peroxide 1% plus near saturated levels of borax. That seems to be most helpful as it is a demodex mites. Some people don't like it because it is drying to the skin and hence coconut oil or a better one, neem oil is applied. Lavender oil can also be use as it does also have some insectical properties. Oregano oil is sometimes taken internally to kill them is one other possibility. It seems to be that a hydrogen peroxide with borax is the simplest remedy for the rosacea, but it will initially cause them to be restless but frequency of applications seems to have killed them. They generally live under the hair roots of the face, so frequency of application is needed to go deep there, then after the peroxide and borax rinse is applied, then a neem oil perhaps is then applied or coconut oil to prevent drying of the skin. However, a borax, such as 1/4 teaspoon or 1/8 teaspoon of borax is dissolved in one liter of drinking water is often taken for about 2 or more weeks to see result, with perhaps 2 days a week of not taking any borax remedies. This is at least what's being done with rosacea, but certain nanobugs, seems to cause weakness and fatigue also in some individuals. So the oil pulling may have nothing to do with rosacea and oil pulling won't kill all bacteria and fungus pathogens out there either. It's the same with alcohol hand wash used in hospital. It will kill most bacteria, but not fungus or bacteria. A potassium permanganate 1:5000 might be a better way to use an antiseptic because it kills more than the alcohol handwash, but not all again either. Organisms are generally there because they can survive and adapt and we also have adapt the remedy to get rid of them, but no single remedy will be able to resolve all the disease. It's not likely, but i do use a combination of remedies against one single conditions shows a bettter focus in finding a possible cure may make more sense.

Therefore I don't think oil pulling is helping and other remedies may be considered for a specific conditions.


Replied by Joyce
Lowell, Arkansas

Ted, in response to your comment on vitiligo... I am a vitiligo sufferer and trying hard to correct it. I appreciate your time helping others. You said "Certain vitiligo thrives in hydrogen peroxide because these bacteria or fungus has its waste product creates hydrogen peroxide which leads to whitening of the skin patches. Hence a hydrogen peroxide won't work for certain vitiligo"

I have studied that vitiligo patients tend to be low in catalase. From what I understood from reading... Catalase is used to break down H202. When it is not there to break it down, we get the bleaching effect in grey hair or vitilego, etc. Could it be that they are NOT responding to the H202 treatments because their lack of catalase?

And to carry the thought on. I have read that catalase does not absorb well through the digestive tract, so it is recommended we take the supplements that help it. Copper, manganese, zinc, selenium. I am beginning to use your recommendations and will post results, just wanted to make a comment and look forward to your response. Joyce.

Replied by Mainde
Rotorua, New Zealand

For Vitaligo = Bioptron Light or 15 minutes per area of skin (using polarised light to penatrate through the skin and stimulate the pigment) has worked for my child who has lovely tanned skin and patches of vitaligo, after the first light it takes a few minutes and I could see shades start blotting underneath the white skin, then a few weeks later his natural tan colour would slowly start spotting through the white skin and then would spread into bigger patches. We have managed to completely reverse some big patch areas in his skin. We dont use it often as he is now a teenager and isn't really bothered with sititng through it. It does not hurt, its just like holding a torch of light on our skin for 15 minutes quite boring really but effective.