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Dental Problems, Chronic

Posted by Eric on 05/21/2007

Hi Ted, I have been searching for good dental hygiene most of my life. The last 6 years I eat mostly only organic raw foods. Lately I started fish oil and some wild salmon and a little raw butter. I am in a serious situation which has been hereditary and lifelong. I am 57 and when I was very young I had 2 teeth pulled for decay ..maybe too much sugar. I had my first gum surgeries in my 30's and have had many many surgeries maybe 30 or 40 because I didn't know better. 15 years ago I had a major breakdown in my mouth and had bridge work done all over and caps and root canals etc. One day eating a sandwich some front tooth just fell out. About 6 years ago and 2 years ago I had a total of 5 implant teeth on both sides uppers. Recently my dentist told me he wants to take out my last 11 teeth because of decay and put in implants and bridges. This really sent me on a journey to see everything I can do to save these teeth. My friend told me about oil pulling with sesame oil to stop decay . this is my problem and the teeth have no foundation, decay all around. I want to stop the decay and I want to grow back enamel. I use a very green diet the last month .. Green smoothies, lots of chlorella, and minerals . I have gold and some other metals from the bridgework and reconstruction and titanium in the implants. Yesterday morning I did 20 minutes with sesame oil and a few hours later my whole mouth was hurting.. And feeling infected in 4 places . top and bottom back left and right. 3 of them have reduced and are a bit tender . the spot on the lower right is still sore and I feel a bit of a bump that wasn't there on my gum. I don't know if I am a good candidate for pulling with oil or perhaps use the other ways you suggest. I hope from what I have shared that you might be able to advise me about pulling oil as an alternative for me. I do want to get rid of heavy metals and any other toxins, I don't know if I want all the bridge and teeth work to fall out. I don't know if this is detox from the oil pulling and if I should keep doing it.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Eric: Excessively decaying teeth is a sign of a severe mineral deficiencies in particular I found to be molybdenum. There may be others. The best way to save your teeth is get a good hair mineral analysis and see what mineral is missing. Oil pulling is not recommended for excessively rotting teeth. In which case an easier way is to take one tablespoon of xylitol in 1/2 glass of water and do the swishing several time. This should stop the decaying in the meantime. Getting the body sufficient levels of molybdenum, magnesium, and zinc is the main issues along with the microminerals to save your teeth. The dose for molybdenum, in such emergency consequences is 25 mg - 50 mg/day taken for about a month period. Zinc gluconate 50 mg/day taken every other day for a month. Finally magnesium citrate or magnesium gluconate 250 mg taken for 5 days out of a week. Very few people know that vitamin B complex helps in the healing of gums and tissues as well as the sodium ascorbate vitamin C necessary for the healing of tissues. Therefore B complex, usually of 100 mg of each, except in mcg for B12 and folic acid, is taken every other day and sodium ascorbate vitamin C or rosehips vitamin C 2000 mg should do the trick. The body needs to be sufficiently alkalized for healing to take place and 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water taken in the morning and another 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda taken in before bedtime for a couple of weeks, before reducing to 1/4 teaspoon x 2 times a day should help further reduce the bacteria load.