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Does It Affect the Liver?

Posted by Katie (Flint, MI) on 03/15/2007

I would like to try oil-pulling, but I am wondering how it works on the liver/bile. It seems that tasting oil would cause the brain to signal other parts of my body to kick in and get ready to do their jobs -- the mouth salivates, the stomach acids churn and the liver begins to squirt bile to digest the fats that are coming down the esophagus. So when I spit out the fat that my body thinks is coming and interrupt the digestion process I've set in motion, doesn't that cause a problem? Are toxins from my liver now loosed and not being dealt with?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Katie: When it does so, just like the act of using mouthwash or using toothpaste, there might be a physiologic response. But in effect by doing so detoxifies the body of accumulated toxins.