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How Long to Swish?

Posted by Sandra (Clovis, CA) on 02/12/2007

You do a nice job of explaining the need for keeping the oil swishing long enough for the oil to kill bacteria that is pulled from the system. My question is, how long does it actually take for the toxins and bacteria to be drawn out? That's more important to me than suffering the Herx reaction. Thanks.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Sandra: Generally for oil pulling, most bacteria and microbes are destroyed within 30 minutes. The key issue is not a 100% kill, the issue is that there is not enough bacteria colonies formed to overwhelm the immune system. In microbiology, I am usually happy with a 30 minute kill when most of the colonies are destroyed in an attempt to find ideal disinfectants. There is about a 90% kill during the 30 minutes, and the numbers get a diminishing returns thereafter. So by practical means, 30 minutes for oil pulling is o.k.

If you have little time, then a 1% hydrogen peroxide solution swished in the mouth would get a similar kill rate, in under 3 minutes. But oil is better under certain circumstances if we consider its effectiveness in pulling out free radical heavy metals from the body. This is something hydrogen peroxide cannot do. Most of us to have quite a bit of heavy metals floating in our bodies and they come from metal faucets, pots and pans we used everyday.