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How Are Metals and Bacteria Removed?

Posted by Desiree (Pamplin, VA) on 02/05/2007

I really love your website. it is so helpful. I especially like the remedy of oil pulling for extracting heavy metals. Unfortunately, I can not use this method until I have my metal teeth fillings replaced. Can you (Ted) explain the exact process of how heavy metals and bacteria are pulled out of the body? I really need this information because my husband is extremely skeptical that it will work. Thanks for the help you are giving to us all. I've already started on the blackstrap molasses cure for my huge fibroid cysts. If I had listened to doctors I would have had a hysterectomy 10 years ago, but just learned to live with my condition. Now, I'm going to find the cure once and for all and put the results on the internet for all to see. I'm also using apple cider vinegar and 35% hydrogen peroxide (diluted). These fibroid cysts don't stand a chance. And neither do the doctors/pharmaceutical companies, once people find the "REAL" answers to their health problems. Thank you!!! For all you are doing!!!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Desiree: Basically the oil pulling does not really remove dental fillings, it removes free radical heavy metals and it is somewhat of a lubricant to the metal fillings that are already loose and this is actually why, in rare cases, they can come out. However, you have a much better chance of losing the heavy metal fillings by eating taffy or toffee and other sticky candies or even chewing gum.

If you were ever a scientist who needs to check the presence of a heavy metal, it is a well known fact that heavy metals are oil soluble. Metals are hydrophobic, so if it sees oil it immediately dissolves itself.

Take myself for example -- trying to make a heavy metal tester. I needed a test tube, an appropriate chemical that changes color in presence of free heavy metals (such as a dithizone), and a liquid medium that can pull heavy metals so that dithizone can check for heavy metal presence. If I were to drop dithizone directly on to the food to see it, it would be difficult unless I concentrate the metals onto an oil and then check for the color changes. Therefore, most oils, including benzene, diesel fuel oils, and even vegetable oils are ideal candidates I use to to get heavy metals into the oil solution so I can test for heavy metal presence. This is why autistics improve after taking cod liver oil. What the cod liver oil and even chinese parsley (high in linoleic oil) do is they pull the metals into these oils so the body can easily get rid of them via the feces and urine in much lower concentration. Oils have a tendency to be limited soluble in the presence of water and this is why it also goes out the urine. It doesn't take much to get some heavy metals out, but autistics do improve in learning and communication. Most autistics today are a result of mercury and aluminum tainted vaccines and it was the result of the active parents to get legislation to prevent these vaccines to thank. With such stock piles of course, the drug companies needed a way to rid of them by exporting to developing countries and foreign importers. So the problem merely gets reshuffled. In the end, we need to take actions by at least removing some heavy metals before they accumulate in our body to cause neurological disorders.