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Multiple Issues, Toothache

Posted by AS on 05/31/2007

Greetings Ted, I came across the EarthClinic website while looking for a remedy for an annoying tooth ache and read about oil pulling, which I would really, really like to do. I am concerned though about the bacteria increasing - I don't want and can't afford to have any serious problems - I have a hunch that if I start pulling right away, I might have a severe reaction. I know my questions are answered in various places on the Q&A, but I am confused by everything I've read, which is everything that is posted. I hope you have time to answer my questions! Thank you! I still have a few metal fillings which aren't going to come out any time soon, arthritis in my back and hips, generally low energy, pretty consistent brain fog and insomnia, crazy loud ringing in my right ear which sounds like a ciccada symphony at night and drives me mad but seems to decrease if I relax, concentrate and do some version of self- hypnosis in which I tell myself that "the more I hear it, the less I hear it" - it works to some degree - recently have heard some kind of bizarre whooshing sound (like when you put a conch to your ear and hear the ocean) which goes away after a few minutes - am often somewhat bloated after eating - probably parasites that won't go away - (travel a lot in africa, india, middle east, s. america, etc) - had H Pylori last year and was treated with antibiotics and god knows what else - ick, and have been on antibiotics twice in past year as well because of tooth infection - weigh 102 at 5 feet (almost 50 years old), have been through (horrible, awful, terrible) menopause - it's over thank goodness for small miracles! - am not taking any hormone replacement anything - and have a very demanding job in which I am required to keep track of lots of information and relate it in writing on very tight deadlines - having brain fog and insomnia is not helpful at all which is one of the reasons I want to try the oil pulling, in addition to teeth/gums/ arthritis and everything else. Oy. I'm also hypoglycemic with low blood sugar which can get pretty severe at times, coupled with low blood pressure. What a disaster! Except for the H Pylori which I thought was going to kill me and the teeth thing I almost never go to the doctor - I don't really trust them - and often, probably foolishly, just ignore the whole mess and get on with things. Being an eternal optimist and having a sense of humor helps... A LOT! I'm confused about what exactly I should do prior to oil pulling to minimize harsh side effects and for how long I should do it. What I think I understand is that I should squeeze a whole lemon and add some baking soda (how much more or less?) until the fizzing stops and then add 1/2 a glass of good water, and drink this - how many times a day and for how long before starting oil pulling? Also, that if I want to start pulling oil now, I could brush my teeth both before and after, is this right? - to minimize bacteria increasing instead of decreasing. And there is something about adding peppermint oil but if I want to use sesame or sunflower oil, do I also do this? And is sesame/sunflower the best thing for all this? Also, if there are benefits from using other remedies such as Apple Cider Vinegar, hydrogen peroxide or any of the other things you mention in your responses which I don't know what they are but can ask the nice man at the herb store what they are, I would be grateful to know about that as well.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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You have a multiple sickness, which is why you are confused with the remedies posted in earthclinic. A good toothache remedy, which I don't remember posting in earthclinic is a 1% hydrogen peroxide to be used as a mouthwash. Plus drinking some UNSUGARED without MILK, green tea, and using that too at later part of the day as a mouthwash. The tannins is what is responsible for killing the bacteria in the green tea and it is also anti-inflammatory. A wooshing sound in the ear during the night is a condition of acidosis, magnesium deficiency and vitamin b complex issue. Usually 250 mg of magnesium with plenty of water, and vitamin B complex twice a week, and 8 teaspoon of lemon juice plus 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water should raise the pH after a week or two. The foggy brain is the issue of heavy metal in the body and sometimes septicemia can result in some foggy brain. Chlorella one capsule a day for 5 days out of a week and taking some chinese parsley on some days can help remove it. The low blood pressure, lack of energy is the body's lowered immune system, from very mild case of septicemia, where certain pathogens block normal glandular functions. In this case licorice extract 1 tablespoon 2-3 times a day for 2 weeks can help. Licorice extract raise blood pressure, normalizes certain adrenal functions, and kill the certain pathogens all at the same time. Energy levels can generally be raised with 2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar plus 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in 1/2 glass of water, once in morning and once before bedtime. This is taken whenever energy levels are low, but since the wooshing sounds and lack of sleep is a problem, the lemon baking soda appear that you need this instead, at least for the first 2 weeks, before you can switch alternatively with the ACV and baking soda. As for the oil pulling issue, i usually try people to use that to reduce heavy metal buildup. But if toothaches are a risk, oils do not kill in tiny cavities since they are of thicker constitution than a hydrogen peroxide. In that case, you would use a 1% hydrogen peroxide as a mouthwash instead and use chlorella and/or chinese parsley, plus some green tea to remove heavy metals instead. In case I wasn't clear about oil pulling, peppermint oil is added if people have problems tolerating the use of oil pulling and reduces the toxin buildup whenever peppermint oil is used. Oil pulling is preferably used between brushing of teeth, so that no oil residues is left. First brush your teeth. Second do oil pulling. Third brush your teeth again to remove all the remaining oil pulling. Exception of using oil pulling is when you have toothaches from cavities because oil do not enter readily in tiny area since oil are generally thicker and hydrogen peroxide 1% in practice enters cavities and tiny areas better to kill it.