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Op Before or After Brushing Teeth?

Posted by KAT (Peachtree City, GA) on 01/22/2008

I have been doing oil pulling for 2 weeks a question and comment: why brush first? I undersand the need to brush after but why first. I have noticed a decrease in the white stuff on my lips in am which I have alsways thought was yeast. That is it so far. It is hard to swish and chomp for 15 to 20 min. 10 to 15 has been the most I can do. I am using Sunflower oil."

1/19/2008: Chris from Toronto, Canada writes: "question for oilpulling. I brush my teeth before I go to bed. I do oil pulling with sesame oil when I wake up in the morning, then I brush my teeth and have breakfast afterwards.Now you are recommending oilpull between brshing teeths.What is the rational of brushing teeth before oil pulling?"

10/22/2007: Rainbow from San Carlos, CA writes: "Found some discrepanices in the instructions. This website suggested "before brushing the teeth" while oilpulling. com says "after brushing teeth". Which one is correct?

Replied by Earth Clinic

All of the instructions from India report to oil pull before brushing teeth.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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My preferred way is to do oil pulling between brushing of teeth. However, the second best that was done is to do the brushing of teeth first than oil pulling. The reason why that is done is I did encounter some health issues with such use in a many cases.

The bacterial and virus loads is extremely high whenever the teeth are NOT brushed. When the oil pulling is done WITHOUT brushing of the teeth, during the swishing, the bacteria gets removed from their usual places and expands to other areas in large amounts, such as throat, tonsils, esophagus, etc. which lead to severe inflammation AFTER the oil pulling, despite the fact that a brushing of teeth was performed.

The fact is the loosened or free bacteria (freed by oil pulling) has expanded to other areas before brushing during the swishing of the mouth.

This has happened in a number of cases so when bacteria loads were removed after brushing, then doing oil pulling the problems were reduced. However, the issue about stray oil in the mouth needs to be removed completely therefore, an optional brushing of teeth may be needed.

The rationale for that is heavy metals are oil soluble and may be found in the stray oil left in the mouth. If not all oils were remove from the mouth, heavy metals are not removed.

Therefore, I prefer that it is done between brushing, but if that is not possible, doing the oil pulling after the brushing is preferred as it reduces the bacteria and viruses load which increases if they were not removed first by brushing of the teeth.

It should be noted that thick plaques can best be removed by brushing of teeth, and not by oil pulling. If it were that easy, we won't need the brushes to clean the thick plaque, but they do require mechanical force to remove these.

Assuming on the other hand, that oil pulling was done first, then brushing of teeth, it is quite possible some of these thick plaque, and I have seem some large ones the size of a peanut (they hide in the way back of the teeth) can be dislodged with the oil pulling by a simple swishing of the mouth, but the interesting part is some parts of these thick plaque do accidentally get into the throat if the brushing of teeth were not performed and these can be toxic to the stomach or may cause inflammation of the throat or even the esophagus. There are other reasons besides this, but these are the common problem I have encountered.

Replied by Sherri

I guess I'm still nervous due to the fact I have implants. It's quite amazing that the oil could be that potent, but I have had health issues, so want to understand. I have controlled infections in my mouth effectively with grapefruit seed extract. Since I started oil pulling I put three drops on tooth brush and sprinkle a little pure salt on it as well before brushing. This is after I oil pull. Any problems with that? My mouth feels really clean. Also, several have said they're using olive oil. Before I found this site, I read that's not helpful. The Ayurveda sites say sesame or sun flower oil. Others say coconut oil. I've been using that because I have it and it has been helping me with other things. Which oil is really best?