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Will It Help These Conditions?

Posted by Roger (The Hague, Netherlands) on 04/04/2007

Will oilpulling be helpful in cases of Morgellon's and Dust Lung? Useful alternatives? How does OP help in curing arthritis and heart diseases? Thanks for your replies.Will I find the answers in the q/a section of OP?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Will oilpulling be helpful in cases of Morgellon's

Hyrogen peroxide, Borax, sea salt and vitamin C will treat Morgellon's disease. Most insects die even with low concentration of borax, and adding hydrogen peroxide seems to cause greater effect. Sea salt will reduce the bacteria present, while the vitamin C sodium ascorbate will alkalize the body along with the needed baking soda. In event an autoimmunity comes, iodine foot painting will help.

> Dust Lung?
Iodine foot painting and iodine supplement will reduce fibrosis, but taking plenty of colloidal silver will enable the stem cells to regenerate the lungs also.

> How does OP help in curing arthritis
Oil pulling will reduce heavy metals that causes arthritis, but borax will help more.

> heart diseases?
Usually it is magnesium, malates, L arginine, and L citrulline and acetates are more helpful. Alkalization helps too. Acetate is a reaction of vinegar and baking soda, and it is used to reduce the lactic acid buildup in the body. The most well known is dichloracetate, but sodium acetate is a much safer version.