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Posted by Peggy (FORT STEWART, Georgia) on 10/09/2007

I have been doing oil pulling for three months now. Morning and bedtime. I am not sure how I feel about it. But I know that it moves heavy metal. I use the extra virgin olive oil for 20 minutes each time and it is white foam. My question is difficult to me and requires Ted to answer.

How do you know that this is working and how should I feel after three months of use? How often should I be doing this? My mouth feels great afterward. I'm just not sure. So I bought a 7 day total body detox cleans which I am on my third day. After this I have bought the Humic Fulvic Acid That Ted mentions about. I will do this daily for life after I complete the detox program. Ted is this too much to be doing. I so want to be healthy. I have the BSM, ACV, VCO, 3% Hydogen P. and started the Lecithin Granules ( apple cinnamon flavor) I love this with Rasberry juice three times a day. I hope to see improvement in my cholesterol. Which I will update on the site after doc visit. Ted please help! I am overwhelmed and need all these. But is it wise to do all this daily? Thank you and I thank God every night for this site and its members. God Bless!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Peggy:

'Ted is this too much to be doing. I so want to be healthy.

For me, I don't believe in doing it every day. The body always needs a break, such as a 2 day break once every week at least. My intention of oil pulling is to do it once a day. So the fact that you are doing it twice a day seems a bit too much. For example, people who do chelation therapy typically feel better (more energy) getting less colds, but the effect should be felt on the THIRD month, assuming it's heavy metal toxicity.

A good scheduling of oil pulling is to make sure it does not cause you to be sick too much where the oils overwhelms the body. To prevent that, it is why I added the extra peppermint oil to the oil pulling, as well as doing this between brushing of teeth. There ARE certain people who do oil pulling to feel worse during the oil pulling. So if it feels worse, than the body is rejecting the oils, or the quality of the oils is not good. I get the least effects with the olive oil. As to the reason why, it might be that the component of olive oil might have the some active antiviral which are also found in olive leaf extract that is also found in extra virgin olive oil. Typically most of the problems experience seems to be other oils and the olive oil extra virgin, or virgin has the least of the problems, to such an extent that oil pulling with olive oil sometimes need not be added the peppermint oil. While other oil pulling people use the traditional non-olive oil, such as sesame seed and sunflower, my own experience shows it is the olive oil that people usually don't get sick from. A feeling of a clean mouth is one indicator that the mouth is in good shape and the fact that it is free from noticeable side effect is the other that I might look at. However, a positive oil pulling energy levels is something that is important.

As to the cholesterol issue, taking granulated lecithin at leat for me, weight loss and lower cholesterol is seen on the first month and that I think is quite good.

It should be noted that I take supplements whenever I feel I need to take it, with possible exceptions of alkalizing which has to be taken whenever the pH is off, which in my case, can happen quite often. I am somewhat conservative in my approach and take them whenever I feel the need for it from such symptoms lack of energy, toxicity, and dark circle under the eyes.

While it is true that I do not take them everyday, those that I do take everyday, the body also needs a rest. If a sickness is felt when oil pulling it might mean that the body's level of toxins are high and some "space" is required. Such as instead of doing it everyday, it might mean doing it every other day. If people don't feel side effect and feels better with more frequent use, than, the body is probably telling what is happening to the body. However, even a positive sign, in my instance, still requires we stop two days a week, so that the body can have a time to relax and detoxify itself also. Assuming it was done non-stop, as in some supplements I noted, a pull back is noted on usually 8th day of continuous taking of detoxing supplements, such as chlorella, EDTA, chinese parsley and the like.

My approach is to do it in somewhat extreme moderation and not do too much. The reason why I find this the best is that people sometimes get too enthusiastic and overdo it. Whenever side effects from overdoing things is felt, people than abandon them prematurely. So the best approach is to start slowly, give it a rest such as two days out of a week, as a general rule of thumb.

Yes, it is best to have everything, but at the same time we need not take them everyday, and some we can take it when I feel there is the need. Some exceptions occur with lecithin, getting urine pH to alkaline, and perhaps, oil pulling to some extent, especially if the mouth feels great, and I don't get sore throat from such use.

Technically it is quite possible to do all, if some people feel the need, but even if that is considered, a two day break is still needed. Oil pulling twice a day may seem too much at least for me, but certain people with mouth problems do in fact do that twice a day.