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Which Is the Best Oil?

Posted by Lynne (Santa Monica, CA)

After oil pulling for 10 years with a variety of vegetable oils, I was chagrined to read on your site that only sunflower and sesame oils produce favorable results. I would very much like to know the basis of this claim. Have I been pulling for 10 years for nothing?!! Thank you, and looking forward to your reply.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Lynne: Oil pulling whatever the form is o.k. I am not strict as to which ones works the best, your body is the best judgement of what oils agree with you best.

The big problem I have is people don't like certain oils and some do. They do have good reasons and it also depends on the nature of the problem too.

If you have a virus and fungus issue, coconut oil works the best owing to the lauric acid content. They have antiviral and antifungal properties.

If you have a certain bacteria that seems to be stubborn, then olive oil, which contains oleic acid works the best.

On the other hand, where I live the manufacturing of sunflower uses cold steel pressed method and this is not good as it tends to absorb heavy metals, in particular nickel and iron. Metals are oil soluble.

In theory sunflower oil works the best owing to a broader spectrum in killing of microbes owing to the antimicrobials of linoleic and oleic acid.

Again sunflower IS NOT perfect, it is missing antifungals and antiviral properties which coconut oil DOES HAVE.

In fact, I have noted that one old gentleman who I thought was in his 40s was actually 80 years old was doing oil pulling just virgin olive oil.

SO really there is many things we don't know about oil pulling other than the fact that it kills microbes, pulls out heavy metals, being the most predominant.

And no oil pulling is perfect, I noted that some people DO report amalgrams fillings removed after doing oil pulling, which is good and bad. Good in that you can now use ceramic fillings and plastic to cover instead of heavy metals, bad in that you going to spend some money to do the dental filings again.

The other issue is oil pulling might pull certain beneficial minerals too. So you may need to take some mineral supplements either twice a month or even once a month to prevent a possible deficiency. Some do report that to me privately.

Finally, the most common problems I have encountered with oil pulling is the herx effect whenever the bacteria dies, it releases a toxin. For some people with higher bacterial load, this can be a problem and one way to reduce some of it is to add peppermint oil and take drink 2 tablespoons Apple cider vinegar+ 1/4 teaspoon baking soda BEFORE oil pulling.

No natural therapy is a perfect one and no effort of natural therapies in the past is wasted.

In fact, Dr. F. Karach, Dr. Veronica Carstens, Dr. Rosi Frey, Dr.Guenter Harnisch and Tummala Koteswara Rao were the original researchers who do support the contention that sunflower oil and sesame oil works the best. But my own personal experience seem to indicate the ones with the least problems or herx seems to be olive oil.

The best judge is of course yourself over a period of time you should know what works for you.

Replied by Braces
Bethesda, Md

I have braces and I have been using olive oil as a mouth wash to prevent decalcification of my teeth. I just realized this was also oil pulling. I am concerned oil pulling would introduce more metals into my system by pulling heavy metals from the braces. Does anyone know more about this?

Replied by Patricia
Chicago, Il.

My 15 year old has ADD. We want to cleanse her of heavy metals. I have been told about oral chelating with zeolit or taking chollera and also clay bentonite baths. We are also giving her Vitamins, probiotics, digestive enzymes and the omega 3's along with clay baths.

What do you think?

Replied by Gregg
Dunedin, New Zealand

The best oil internally or externally is extra virgin coconut oil. Make sure its organic, great to use when cooking. Many health benefits :)

Replied by Druid
Vancouver, Canada, Canada

First time trying oil pulling.....I used castor oil and some drops of oregano oil. Found it a little hard to get used to but did it for only 5 minutes then spat out the milky white residue.....well.....I got the best nights sleep I had in a long time....

2nd night I changed to Sesame seed oil and really preferred the castor oil for some reason....funny enough, I got a great nights sleep after that too.....

I will stick to the castor oil.oregano mix and monitor the patterns.

Thanks for everyone who shares this human experience forum