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Should I Repeat the Process?

Posted by ANNALEE (LISBURN, N. IRELAND) on 01/19/2008

Hi I have been oilpulling for over a week now, and can feel the benefits of this, clearer head and sleeping better. My question is, even tho you recommend pulling for 10 - 20 mins, I have noticed that the oil in my mouth turns white really quickly, sometimes after just a few mins. Does this mean i have high levels of toxins?? I was wondering if I should spit it out after 5 mins and start again and repeating the process to reap the full benefits, as I seem just to be swishing the toxic substance around in my mouth!! I use unrefined sesame oil, do you think repaeting the process within the 20 mins would be of more benefit to me??

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Annalee: When I first used oil pulling it becomes white within a minute or two. Therefore there is really no need to continue to all the way to 20 minutes and just spit it out when it does become white. I noticed, and it might be just me, that continued oil pulling took longer and longer time of swishing to get the white liquid. Hence, it may be that there is less toxins with continued oil pulling. Of course the only way to really know for certain is to actually analyze that. What I do know for sure, is that there is free heavy metals that the oil pulling does pull out from the saliva of the mouth and prevents it from recirculating, poisoning the system. Therefore with continued use, the oil soluble heavy metals get removed with continued use. And I have noted that it doesn't take 20 minutes to remove most of that, however it is the frequency of use such as two times a day or three times a day, which are more critical, given of course that the person in question does have high heavy metal toxins (at the very least) may required to do it more often.