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Why Did I Get a Bladder Infection?

Posted by Jeannette on 05/21/2007

Ted, I started oil pulling about a month ago and now have a severe bladder infection. I pulled w/coconut oil for a while until I could find some sesame seed oil unrefined and toasted. I have not had a bladder infection in over 25 years. I am also using ACV and baking soda a couple of times a day. I did this to cut the acidity in the urine which it did. I did visit my doctor, who is aware of a lot of remedies that work and doesn't just prescribe meds, he agreed the ACV would help and I chose to take sulphamethoxazole/trimethoprim tablets and finally after four days I feel like a human again. I take no other meds, haven't even been to a doctor in over 4 years, slight cold once last year. I have lots of energy so I was surprised when this came on so fast, at least I didn't have any really early signs. Do you think the oil pulling results were the detoxification and it went through the kidneys and bladder? I love the feeling of my mouth after oil pulling and the taste is okay, the coconut oil is worse as it solidifies, but it melts quickly in the mouth. Thanks for the response. Jeannette

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Jeannette:

For some people, the bacterial toxin loads increases when you do oil pulling, while killing them at the same time.

So for some people whose microbial load is high, it is best to do them not everyday, or do the oil pulling BETWEEN brushing the teeth. This will reduce the load so the microbe toxins doesn't get recirculated, and cause UT.

Most of the problems I do encountered from oil pulling is they don't follow instructions. Sometimes bacterial load is so high in the mouth when doing oil pulling it spreads more because they simply did not brush their teeth and some were swallowed. Then after the oil pulling the teeth must again be brushed.

Normally baking soda is always used first for two weeks before oil pulling for those who haven't done alkalizing at all.

The reason this is done is to reduce the microbial load in the first place.

Oil pulling is still important, not on the issue of microbial loads, but actually more on the issue of heavy metals that accumulates over the lifetime.

When there is a sudden drop in heavy metals for some people, bacterial/viral expands because certain toxic heavy metals are not conducive to certain bacterial/viral growth, so as it is reduced, you become sick since what was once toxic metal prevented their growth, the lack of it encourages their growth! It is one of those Catch-22.

Overall you may seem to get sicker, but it is actually the body's attempt to reduce the heavy metals, which can result in immediate health, or sickness as certain toxic metals, such as lead protects against microbial growth, but in your blood lead metal is never good and when that is remove, sometimes microbes suddenly flourished.

Given enough time, for the body to adjust itself, the immune system will be raised up to fill the gap when the toxic metals are unloaded.

So in the long run, oil pulling is beneficial. In the short-term, it don't look good. But if you realize what it is doing for you, then you know how to deal with the problem.

For UT my simple remedy after lots of trial and error and months of suffering is just 1-2 teaspoon of sea salt in 1 glass of water. One single dose is all it needs Within minutes UT pain will reduce. A serious one is 2 teaspoon, a mild one is just 1 teaspoon. I have seen UT starts from just drinking too much water. Water lack the sea salts and the UTI just goes up the bladder, slowly. Without sufficient sea salt, it becomes an oasis for microbial growth in your urinary tract. This is why sea salt flushing of Urinary Tract is needed. Of course hospitals won't like that, but you can save a lot of money in hospital bills.

As for the issue of antibiotics, this may work for some, mine doesn't work at all, since I was taking antibiotics even as a baby, so I apparently the bacteria developed a resistance for practically all kinds of antibiotics. So for me to survive, I had to find some other alternatives, while other people just did well with the antibiotics.