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Oil Pulling and Brushing Teeth

Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) on 08/14/2011


I finally got to op this morning. I forgot to brush my teeth first! What difference would that make? What are best foods, herbs, etc. remedies so a person's blood is not good tasting to fleas? I have not been eating raw garlic much lately.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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If oil pulling and you forgot to brush your teeth first, it wouldn't work as well as if you brush your teeth. Since teeth is covered with plaque and food particles, the oil pulling is too busy attacking these first instead of targeting to parts that needs to oil pull such as teeth crevices, cavities, and unreachable areas. The same is true that if you brush the teeth afterwards, the debris left is not cleaned out properly. I have seen a woman who does not observe this rule of brushing your teeth first and complain why it has not worked, in removal of heavy metals. Well for one thing the teeth is too much covered in plaque it doesn't work. And there was the one that didn't brush after oil pulling and complained to me about a cold or flu that comes up after oil pulling. The reason is simple oil pulling uptakes the virus, and if you don't brush it, the virus spread by taking advantage of the oil pulling. By brushing it out, at the end it takes away the virus when oil pulling uptakes it, but if it is not brush, and oil pulling is swallowed, the oil properties protect the virus to pass through the stomach acid, and enters the intestines where they are more friendly of viral infection environment.


Anonymous replies: "Thanks Ted. It has been so long since I oped, I forgot! I always have brushed before and after. Here's one for David-how does Enagic Kangen water help out with sodium? Let me paste info-'Dr. Berthold Kern: "The major etiologic[causative] factor causing myocardial infarction [heart attack] is a primary chemical destructive
process caused by underlying unchecked acidosis [accumulated acid] in the left ventricle tissue."

Acidosis results from low sodium & corresponding low calcium. These two minerals are always in balance. When the level of one drops or raises,
so does other. When the left ventricle becomes too acidic, or low in sodium, it will shut down causing a heart attack. Stress, whether physical or emotional stimulates the cardiovascular system, adrenals & lungs; mental or physical overexertion when in a state of acidosis (low
sodium) can be dangerous. Because the heart has priority, when the sodium supply gets low the body will take sodium from the stomach,
causing indigestion, in order to keep the heart beating while under stress. (See Dynamic Health by Dr. Ted Mortor). Stress depletes the body's sodium supply"

Ted responds to Anonymous: "The cause of myocardial infarction is coronary blockages caused by fats (mainly cholesterol) of the lipids, in which made up most of artheriosclerotic plaques, but there are calcification (calcium) and white blood cells too, which causes the disruption of blood supply, so you have a sudden sharp pain, which brings together this heart attack. I have one case sometime ago who has this, he was in his mid 30s, who has calcified heart that they run out of space for any bypasses, in other words doctors have given up on him to die. Calcium are 20 times more soluble if their blood sugar is high then in water solution, so reducing the blood sugar was obvious. So this makes the calcium in the blood very high with the high blood sugar. But also there is also a 20 year old research which says that nanobacteria accumulates in artheriosclerosis, and causes accumulation of calcium as well, but they also cause other conditions such as kidney stones in others, and cysts in others, it all depends where the circulation is most vulnerable, usually high flowing blood will accumulates this, that.s why the kidneys and the heart, but cysts I found occurs (usually) from an injury, where the blood flows are initially high (accident) and leaving the area makes it somewhat more difficult. There is a nanobacteria kits they sell to detect whether you have it or not. I had no time to do such and the man wasn't interested, so the standard treatment is tetracycline Hydrochloride 1000 mg, in night time, and tetra sodium EDTA (approx 30-40% solution) drops taken 20 drops twice a day. Within one month the calcium buildup disappeared (means he has for now clean bill of health), of course, if you know tetrasodium EDTA, it is a very good calcium chelator, but not calcium EDTA or magnesium EDTA, that is popularly used. Disodium EDTA was weak chelator of calcium also. You can prove yourself in bathroom experiments on calcium buildup and remove it with various solutions of EDTA. Even if you don't believe in nanobacteria, unless they are printed in "mainstream media" there is no doubt the effectiveness of EDTA, and even if you doubt that, there is cholesterol low density is caused by vegetable oils. I got more people with cholesterol problems from vegetarians then none from pure meat eaters. That's doesn't mean I side with vegetarians. but it comes from vegetable oils. Now I don't know what they do in the States, but most vegetable oils are rancid (oxidized) even before they are cooked, and they add some "fragrance" which makes they virtually odorless, and to make the matters worse, have you noticed eating french fries left in the cold for 30 minutes, there is hardness in them? That's the oxidized vegetable oils (rancid) gets worse after they are heated as they are low melting point and low heat point vegetable oil easily subjected to oxidation because they are polyUNsaturated oils. So saturated vegetable oils is superior on the oxidation aspect, not easily subjected to heat, but nevertheless too much of any consumption is not safe, and if I must consume them it goes unheated, salmon fish oils 500 mg. to 1000 mg if high blood pressure of risk of heart attack is one.

I usually give magnesium supplements in form of magnesium chloride or trimagnesium citrate or magnesium citrate, since it requires more magnesium to utilized the calcium. There's plenty of calcium even in vegetable diets, since adult cows eat nothing but grass, and still gives milk.

So lower the blood sugar (no carbs, especially ribose, fructose, glucose and sucrose, but especially artificial sugar in that order, if the blood sugar is still high, the complex carbohydrates. Magnesium and EDTA, and at least salmon fish oil. There's one problem to salmon fish oils in terms of weight gain for people overweight, but is good for underweight. Gaining and loosing weight is basically the fats and oils, but is not heated. These are the main remedy (tetracycline HCl the person is serious and cannot take time or don't want to risk a hear attack. That's my main remedy. Now if we look at alkaline, then that helps reduces calcium in the blood and keep the calcium in the bones. If there is any supplement to keep them where they are, and not calcium flying around in your blood, i might take 1/8 teaspoon one a week of boron too.

Heart attack occurs if you have too much chlorides, which raises the blood pressure, this can happen in cases of Sodium Chloride, Potassium Chloride, and Magnesium Chloride, but the sodium chloride and potassium chlorides are most common because we are consuming more of it.

As to Kangen water, for most people they are very expensive, even the replacement parts or at least it is totally unaffordable for me. What the Kangen is basically a kind of electrostatic charged alkaline water, as best description I can make it. If you set the pH to say 9 pH or 10 pH, and you leave it out, 24 hours, somewhat more in a closed container 48 hours, the final pH is 7. So what you are drinking ultimately is not ultimately alkaline water. There is a water of another name, using similar technology with addition of a little salt (sodium chloride) called Sterilox they are of similar properties with Kangen water. So if I have acid blood, I would not drink these, as they do little for my say acidic pH. I prefer tot take baking soda, potassium citrate and maybe magnesium citrate, is my alkaline drinks. But not all people can afford that, so the most convenient is at least a sodium bicarbonate, after meals 30 minutes, only.


Replied by Sooz

Thank you Ted for your diplomacy concerning Kanagan water. This concept is a huge scam using people's willingness for it to "work" as their claim of health. Water cannot sustain an electrical charge. Nor can anyone change or make any significant modifications to their blood pH. Death would occur if there were any, even minute changes to blood pH. Plain and simple. People need to return to their high school physics class, open their textbook and re-learn the properties of matter.

Replied by Vinny
Austin, Tx

I have found that oil pulling in the morning and night works for me. If the rule is that one should brush before and after oil pulling, then doing it 2x/day (at least in my experience) might do the trick. The reason being is if you do oil pulling, brush and go to bed, the next morning oil pulling should be more effective since you brushed the night before? Anyways, I'm not sure if that makes sense, but I have found oil pulling 2x/day with coconut oil has been very effective for me.