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Why Bright Yellow Mucus?

Posted by Tricia (San Francisco, California) on 08/29/2007

Oil Pulling: starting out. I've had a cold that wasn't going away, and seemed to be getting worse, if anything. My congestion, and the amount of mucus that was coming out when I blow my nose has been alot. I started wondering if I might have a sinus infection, so I thought I'd try oil pulling. Did it once in the afternoon yesterday, and once in the evening, and suddenly realized that, for the first time in a week, I could breathe clearly. Have done it twice today, and have just experienced a strange thing: I blew my nose and the mucus came out bright yellow, like egg yolk. I have never seen anything like this, and was wondering if Ted or any readers could comment?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Usually sinus problem in early or middle stage, I would get a continuing nasal discharge plus difficulty of breathing. Before the sinus infection stops, the mucus will not have a continuuing nasal discharge, but will come out in one big blob only a few times, while breathing clears up. The bright yellow color are the pus like discharge by the body in an attempt to rid of it so whatever microbes loosens its grip from the healthy cells.

It must be noted that sinus infection can be cleared by reducing the toxin buildup of the body through various means such as oil pulling (only between brushing of teeth, please), the use of laxative, the use of large dose vitamin C to get a laxative effect, the use of alkalinity (which increases the bowel movements). The key to reduction in sinus problem, at least the basics is to detoxify the body. Most of the toxins if reduced, especially in the bowel area or the mouth area (from oil pulling), the body immune system will increased thus reducing or perhaps stopping long term sinus problems.

Oil pulling is most effective in at least removing heavy metals, but increasing the body's alkalinity and vitamin C should also be considred to further help the body's recovery. It appears therefore that the bright yellow mucus along with better breathing is the final stages of sinus problems and often will go away within at least a couple of days. The cycle has always been like this. There is another way of stopping sinus infection which could result in quite liquid mucus, that doesn't grow through the phase mentioned. This involves the use of N Acetyl Cysteine 500 mg/day, which causes the mucus to liquify instead of forming a large blob and becomes clear. This can also clear it. It is used, in case that the mucus gets too hard or large that it blocks the breathing passages of the throat, that might cause some suffocation during sleep. In that instances, N Acetyl Cysteine, at least taken a couple of hours before sleep might be a better way to deal with that.