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Posted by John (Wurzburg, Germany) on 09/23/2007

Hello I am fascinated by all I have read on the practice of oil pulling. I am considering beginning a daily regimen. I did come across the site of one skeptic who raised some valid points about the science behind the treatment. The link to the site is: http://www.lisabarger.com/oil_pulling_debunked.html">http://www.lisabarger.com/oil_pulling_debunked.html

As I am sure many others come across this site and may be dissuaded from trying OP as a result. I was hoping Ted could address the points raised in the article. Thanks so much and I look forward to your response!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Oil pulling works because heavy metals are simply oilsoluble, hydrophobic. If you have studied a way totest for heavy metals using the dithizone tests, thenyou know it works.

Basically all you just have to do the oil pulling andusing a dithizone to confirm that it pulls heavy metaltoxins. The experiment consists of doing oil pullingby swishing of the mouth, after which, a dithizone(chemical formula C13H12N4S) is added to the resultantsolution in a glass. The changes in the color showsthat the color have been changed. Basically adithizone tests is a way to confirm heavy metals inthe mouth. Different colors will show different metalsand the longer it is performed the stronger thecolors. Various colors will show different metalstested positive. For instance, copper is purple, zincis pink, cadmium is yellow, mercury is beige, lead isred etc.) This is an imperfect description, but youget the idea.

One principle used in dithizone tests using thechemical reagent is to mix the dithizone with aresultant oils free of heavy metals and mixed with atiny amount, only a couple of milligrams (such as 5mg) of dithizone per 100 cc of an oil (which can be avegetable oil, aromatic oils, etc.) We then use asimple target item we wish to test. So let's assume itis tap water. The solution say 5 cc of dithizone mixedreagent is added plus 15 cc of tap water is thenadded. It is THEN SHAKEN in a test tube, the color ofthe test tube will test whether heavy metals arepresent and what kinds of heavy metals, depending onthe color. This simple test was known since World WarII and it is nothing new with me either. When it isthen shaken, the heavy metals, since it is oil solublewill transfer directly to the oil target solution andthe metals get concentrated. Hence the situation isthe same if you put a saliva samples in the oil andshake. The oil will concentrate the intended freeheavy metals in the oil solution. Hence the water willloose its heavy metals as the metals (molecular metalsize) is concentrated in the oil solution. It takesonly a couple of minutes shaking to remove most ofthem, something like a minute or two. Now, if the oilis decant off, leaving the original water, afterwaiting for the oil and the water to separate. You adda new oil reagent dithizone again. When this isperformed the second time, the resultant tests ofheavy metals are much fainter, and sometimes hardlydetectable.

Now given this observation, it can be noted, that ourbody which has fat and oils, the more there is themore our body will accumulate.

Now let's say we pretend the test tube is our mouth,and the oil is where the metals in our saliva or bodyfluids accumulate the heavy metals. When we swish ourmouth for 5 minutes vigorously, the free heavy metalstoxns will concentrate into the oil solution where wespit it out. Hence, it is possible to do this test,since I have done this 35 years ago when studying forhigh school chemistry as a way to test heavy metals.Hence if the metal are concentrated in the oilsolution from the swish of our mouth, or the shake ofthe test tube, the free heavy metals get concentratedin the resultant oil solution, and the metals isremoved from the saliva. The heavy metals toxinstherefore gets removed from the body. This is why someoil pulling helps people. The one that interests methe most are those people who have titanium metalsinside their body, or metals that are surgicallyimplanted, or the most common of all is the heavymetals contaminant present (the worse are the freeheavy metals) in the tap and drinking water. When aheavy metals is present in high amount, and I noticedhere where I live about more than half of theresidence have heavy metal contamination such as leadand copper being the most common here, although inCanada, I have seen mercury or cadmium now and then.

When free heavy metals are in high amounts, the redblood cells die quickly resulting in a black feces.This is one observation if the heavy metals are high.Upon oil pulling, the feces goes to brown color. Theblack color occurs because of large amount of heavymetals are present, causing free radicals, damaginghealthy red blood cells. As a result, the red bloodcells die and if it is large amounts, the feces becomeblack. I once had a terrible nose bleed whilebreathing, and a lot of those goes into my stomach andthe feces can also become black that way too in caseyou might wonder other causes of black feces, it wouldhave to be bleeding, or even internal bleeding asbeing the other cause. However this occurence is notas frequent as heavy metals which we are exposed. Themost exposed besides the problem of metals from tapwater is the use of kitchen utensils utilizingvegetable oils as it soaks up the nickel, iron, lead,cadmium from the scratches, wear and tear fromcooking. Then we eat it. It is not suprising that Ihave found in the past that certain kitchen utensils,spoons, forks, knives that we learn to trust in thepast sometimes have high cadmium, lead, mercury as acontaminant. And remember, those contaminants doesn'thave to be in high amounts to damage you. A cadmium istoxic by environmental protection standards of onlyparts per billion for camdium, and lead can be bad forchildren's development by only parts per million. Soit therefore makes sense to reduce them.

Additionallly, bacterial toxins are removed from the bodywhenever heavy metals are present in lower amounts.For example I remember one frien of mine who had atitanium metals, with impurities (ppm or ppb)obviously implant on his arms from a simple accident.The metals get dissolved in the blood and accumulatesin the body, which stayed in his blood for the nextthree years. Then for some reason he gets sick,fainting, coma, dizziness, blackouts, unexplainedblood poisoning. Metals, even if they are deemed safe,is hardly safe since even certain titanium metals thatare known to be neutral on bacteria do flourish withcertain wild species of e.coli bacteria. Now imaginethe body has lots of circulating titanium metals, withppb levels of cadmium and ppm levels of lead, and hostof free metal iron from red blood cells or even fromfree metal iron that exists (more like iron oxide)from over cooked meets, and free metal iron and nickelfrom stainless steel cookware. Those tend to promotebacterial growth in the blood. Upon reduction of heavymetals through oil pulling (removes free metals ingeneral), unsugared no milk green tea (usually removesor binds tightly free metal iron as does tannins frompomegranate). He recovered to normal, within a weekand reported no fainting spells, etc. Hence septicemiacan be in an extreme form such as bacteria beingintroduced through I.V. used in hospitals (too many tolist from this kind of death), or through naturalmeans, such as a terrible cavities, leaky gut, or theintroduction of heavy metals which supports bacterialand microbial growth. Hence, oil pulling and anyremedies that removes heavy metals, such as coriander(mercury and lead removal), artemisia (iron), canhence be removed too, in case someone do not like oilpulling can be performed too.

So it is much an individual preference, as opposed forme to put an ultimatum as to what is good for you orwhat is bad for you. Only you know that, not me. I canonly tell you how it works, why it works, but allthose ultimately rests with your own health, whetherit improves or not.

p.s. Free heavy metals is the major toxins that arebeing removed from oil pulling that I do. The other isits ability to kill certain microorganism, especiallycertain oil soluble toxins produced by them. There aremore than enough literature to show lauric (from coconut oil), and other oils to kill microorganisms.