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Weight Loss for O Blood Type

Posted by HH on 06/24/2007

I have been using virgin coconut oil, unrefined, organic. I have felt sluggish, have not felt particularly better in terms of weight loss. It has helped to eliminate internal haemmorhoids though! I am of Type O blood, and it is on its avoid list. I'm wondering if this has anything to do with it being ineffective for weight loss. Any Type O's who have had positive results using Virgin Coconut Oil for their weight?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Assuming I eat type O diet (I am type O myself), and follow them, it won't help my health, as the list of foods high protein diets tend to cause higher LDL cholesterol and weight gain. The issue is not the blood type, and this is supported in some scientific study that there is little basis for that. What I can say is the reason why coconut oil stops hemorrhoids is that it is poorly absorbed and cause lubricant to the intestinal colons allowing easier passages of bowel movements. With little resistance, the hemorrhoids are stopped. But that doesn't resolve the acidosis responsible for constipation. Most of the O diet recommended actually caused acid urine, or acidosis, which results in constipation. A constipation results in weight gain from fluid retention, and technically it is a chloride retention as opposed to sodium retention. If I were to decide what is the best type of diets to follow, I would rather follow the biochemical basis rather than the blood type, since the science behind the diets makes more sense. Apple cider vinegar for example makes more sense biochemically as a weight loss because of the malates found in the apple cider vinegar which accelerates the metabolism used in the Kreb's cycle. The acetate portion of vinegar the body allows the cells to rid of lactic acidosis so the cells can function more efficiently without damaging the cells. If the O type diet would work some weight loss would be expected, but this is not the case. The issue is that the body should achieve normal blood, urine parameters more than deciding on the basis of diet by blood type. If my cholesterol is already high and I continue to eat type O diet, that wouldn't make much improvement. The reason for high cholesterol is the body's inability to convert cholesterol into steroids, or hormones, which in turn causes weight loss and lowered blood sugar for example. One simple way to get some weight loss is actually not through coconut oil, as most oils block normal hormone functions anyway, whereby most weight gain and loss is actually controlled by hormone functions first, and controlling or normalizing alkalinity within normal parameters being second. At the moment the ones that I have seen good weight loss for men dose is 25 mg of DHEA per day, plus 200 mg of alpha lipoic acid, magnesium 250 mg and 1 tablespoon at least of granulated powdered lecithin, and 5 grams a day at least for amino acid glutamine. There may be other amino acid that resulted in weight loss, but I haven't had the time and the budget to do those sorts of experiments. However, some chromium polynicotinate also helps reduce weight loss too, which is a vitamin B3 form of chromium actually. So vitamin b complex, taken once a week, or twice a week, maybe I would take 500 mg of B5 and B8 together also will help.

The most effective weight loss supplements out there is actually the human growth hormone, but I wouldn't try them because the costs are prohibitive, and stoppage would accelerate the aging process further. Assuming that I am rich enough to afford it, I would probably reduce the free radicals first since these hormones relentlessly increase them, as such I would probably concentrate more on reducing free heavy metals, excess blood calcium (from lemon and baking soda remedy), vitamin C, magnesium and vitamin E. For a long period of time before actually starting them. So that if a discontinuance of human growth hormone won't put unnecessary stress to the body. Usually most hormones results in significant weight loss, from DHEA, testosterone, and human growth hormone especially. While it is true that high protein diets do cause the body to go into thermogenesis and fat burning, certain people have stickiness of blood platelets and higher cholesterol level, and hence, a simpler form of protein, such as amino acid may be more effective towards weight loss, especially certain amino acids known as secretogogues, such as l-glutamine, l-glycine, l-ornithine, l-citrulline, and l-arginine. For me if I want weight loss it is going to be the L-glutamine in the day time, plus niacinamde B3, and B5, and B9. While the night time, it is l-glycine, 5 grams at least I will take. Those I think might be more effective than protein supplements. I need to find further what amino acid are doing that, but at the present, the research is still not interested in looking further which ones those are.

It should also be noted that many of the newer fad diet of weight loss have their origins with the Stillman diets popular in the 1960s which stresses high protein foods making up 80% of the diet. So much of the newer fads in my opinion is the repackaging of the old discovery (Dr. Stillman achieved 10,000 patients weight loss), by calling for higher meats, as in Atkins diet, or Type O diet, which coincidently stresses the food lists that match most of Dr. Stillman's diet, and then some. However, they all miss the point in that protein is made up of amino acid, and it is the amino acid that the body actually needs after breaking them down to cause weight loss. If the body's ability to break down the protein is impaired for example, than the cholesterol levels go sky high. I know that from first hand, and therefore, amino acid doesn't require the complexities of breaking down the protein, especially if the stomach or the digestive processes are impaired. There are some other weight loss plan that have worked well for Asians for thousands of years, basically it is the rice porridge, or the more popular western analogue called "The Rice Diet", which is basically eating complex carbohydrates, with little meats so that the cholesterol don't go overboard. You might argue that Asians don't have type O blood, but many do. People in India, Middle East can be found of type O blood. I am an Asian, and I have type O blood. If I eat those type O diet, I can be very sick in about a week. What I do know is that L-Phenylalanine can be used as as a fat burner and appetite suppressant. Of course, there is also a question of availability. Also other people who are on weight loss do take more than I do usually between 5-15 grams of glutamine per day, and B complex, especially the B5 and B8 will reduce the blood cholesterol to normal.

Replied by Sarah
Hackensack, NJ,USA

Have you noticed that Coconut Oil is in avoid list of A.B,O as well as AB? I am an AB type and I use ____ Coconut Oil in my cooking, baking, Skin Care and Oil Pulling. People have a misconception that all coconut oil are made from Copra (dried coconut meat), copra oil is definitely a big NO-NO. ____ Coconut Oil is made from fresh coconut meat and is probably the best oil which can be used internally as well as topically.