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Can I Heat up Coconut Oil First?

Posted by Alex (Plano, TX) on 02/04/2007

I have been oil pulling with olive oil for three days now. I read about people pulling with coconut oil and I'd like to try that but the oil is solid at room temperature. Is it safe to heat it up and then do the oil pulling? I would appreciate feedback. Thanks.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Alex: Yes in colder climates, coconut oil is solid. In Thailand, where the weather is hot it is not. At temperature of cool room temperatures coconut oil is solid.

There are generally two ways you can get around the problem. One is to heat it up a bit. The other is to mix coconut oil with sunflower oil or olive oil. The desired temperature to melt the coconut oil without burning your tongue is between 100-103 degrees Fahrenheit. Which is only about 2 degrees above body temperature of 98.6 Fahrenheit.

In practice, just warm enough that the coconut oil melts where it doesn't burn your fingers and that temperature is very likely safe. If you add sunflower oil or olive oil now and mix it well, this may lower the the temperature to being a solid, and make it easier to use.

Lighter oils, I think, pull heavy metals better such as rosemary oil or linalool found in chinese parsley (coriander), but coconut oil I think makes for better antiviral and possibly antifungal properties. Each oils have their own uniqueness and it is why some oils is not recommended when you have a colds, such as sunflower oil, since has less antiviral capabilities than that of coconut oil.