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Sunflower Oil

Posted by David (Venice, Florida) on 10/17/2007

To Whom It May Concern: RE: "Protocol" for Sunflower Oil. My question: "Are there different potencies of sunflower oil? Is so what potency should I use for this Protocol? And, this Protocol is referring to the Sunflower Essential Oil and not the oil used for cooking?" What kind of sunflower oil should be used to do the job for this protocol? Please advise...

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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My own protocol for sunflower oil are somewhat different from the standard protocol itself as the desired objective to achieve is different, which is to remove heavy metals. The antiviral and especially noted is the antibacterial properties of it which kills the bacteria or fungal substances that cause black teeth is noted). The generally studied sunflower oil for oil pulling involves using the refined sunflower oil, as it is more efficient in pulling out especially the heavy metals. Hence the different potencies of sunflower oil in regards to effectiveness in oil pulling, technically a refined oil would work better. The reason why I know this is based on experience that a sesame seed oil is commonly cold press using a giant metal roller drums, whereby oils have a general affinity to heavy metals since metals are hydrophobic just like the oil and becomes soluble. I get many more complaints from sesame seed oil then I do from sunflower oil. The scientific study recommended the use of refined oil. The potencies of sunflower oil in that regard is more geared to being refined. If the use for nutritional purposes, the best potencies are the sunflower that are not refined, but taken as a whole. The objective is different and potencies in that regard are different. In regard to antiviral potencies, because of the extra virgin olive oil seems to gave the minimum of the problems and do have some antiviral since the olive leaf plant in itself is antiviral, mostly from the oleuropein. In that regard the potencies, at least in my opinion is best served here. Hence if essential sunflower oil is considered in regards to oil pulling, it is more limited in that ability because of its lack of being refined and its ability for cleansing, removal of heavy metals effect is somewhat more limited. But if it is used as a nutritional supplement,an non-refined sunflower oil, is more ideal, having many potential nutritional qualities.

Replied by Jan
Harper Wds, MI

I read the comment posted from Ted in Bangkokt regarding using Sunflower vs Seaeme oil. I'm still confused at your reply. I've been OP for a few months now, trying to combat teeth bacteria, receding gums and removal of heavy metals from old amalgam fillings. Did you suggest refined Sunflower oil is better?

Replied by Bilja
Toronto, On

Hi, I agree with Jan. Which oil is the best for sinus infection, sunflower, sesame, olive? is it better refined or not, cold press? Thanks