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Posted by Y (Florida) on 08/26/2012
Hi Ted, Do you do oil pulling? Are there any side effects?

Replied by Ted Donate

Bangkok, Thailand
Yes, I sometimes do oil pulling. Yes, there are few side effects reported, but not that many. Viruses seem to be at issue if you use the sunflower oil and maybe the sesame seed oil. The problem of side effects is the least with coconut oil and olive oil. The reason is simple, both the coconut oil and to some extent extra virgin oil is anti-viral, especially the coconut oil.


Replied by Lauren
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Hi Ted, You mentioned re the oil pulling that viruses can be an issue if you use sunflower or sesame oil and I am wondering what issues you mean? I have the shingles virus and am trying to get rid of it (it is now improving quite a bit with a naturopathic tonic which includes st johns wort and olive leaf extract) but am planning to start oil pulling for my teeth and gum health and am hoping it will also help rid me of this virus which I have had for 5 months. What are your concerns about viruses and oil pulling? Thanks
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