Ted's Dog Mange Cure

Posted by Joyce (San Francisco, CA) on 03/21/2009

3/20/2009 Friday (Joyce): I used the Hydrogen Peroxide, Vinegar and Borax on my Cocker Spaniel. I dipped my cocker in the solution late Friday night. Because I was nervous about using it I tested it on my skin. I then made the paste with only the Peroxide, Vinegar and Borax. I let this sit on my arm for about 30 minutes and it didn't burn at all so I knew it would be safe for my dog. I dipped her for about 10 minutes then covered her with the paste. (very messy). Since I did this around 10:00pm I went to bed but noticed she was scratching vigorously. Around midnight I coated her with vaseline however, she continued to scratch vigorously. I got back on line to read additional emails on this site. One woman said her dog appeared to be getting worse but around the second day she noticed improvement. THAT GAVE ME HOPE. So I gave my dog a dose of Benadryl and coated the area she was scratching the most with neem oil. Around 2:00a.m. we both got some sleep.

3/21/09 Saturday (Joyce): Today I dipped her again this time about 25 minutes (I didn't use the paste just the dip). I am writing this email TWO HOURS after dipping her SHE HAS NOT SCRATCHED NOT ONE TIME. Please understand, my dog has scratched almost every hour of everyday for months!!! I have spent so much money on Vets (I've taken her to about 4 different Vets and "The Specialist" nothing worked. Their guessing was costing me a LOT of money so I decided it would be cheaper if I guessed and I went searching online and I found TED. Thank you so much! I will keep everyone current on her progress. By the way my Cocker's name is "The Princess of Egypt" we call her "EGYPT"

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Joyce:

A paste was used in case no tub was available for the dip. Technically speaking a dip is much better then a paste. However a proper preparation of a paste is not really needed. To make it a stronger solution a peroxide/vinegar/borax is applied onto the dog, a couple of times enough to kill it. This means the solution should stay on the dog for 30 minutes before the paste is applied. The old one I never actually did the paste, I simply make a solution and keep applying the dog long enough that the scratch didn't persist. A dip is much easier to control as we don't need to wash it a couple of times. Generally speaking a peroxide mixed with vinegar, with a borax is a more powerful formulation, which is called peracetic acid. In any event that formula would likely be a 1% solution of H2O2, in equal amounts with vinegar in volume, plus a saturated solution of borax, used as a rinse, but no water rinse where the paste is later applied, in case a tub is NOT available for dipping. In my case I had no tub, but a baby tub might be possible, but this can only happen with a partial dip. In any event a dip is best way to completely kill the mange by using the time as a method of measuring the lenght by which the dogs remains in the dip and hence is more consistent in its result. The estimated time for a very consistent and effective dip from my estimates was a 30 minute dip on the average, but won't work under 20 minutes. So apparently you mentioned of 10 minute dip may not work at the going concentration between 0.5% to 1% H2O2. That's because if you did mix a 1% H2O2 with equal mixes of vinegar, you get a 0.5% H2O2 instead. However a 2% H2O2 beginning concentration in equal concentration would get you 1% final concentration with added vinegar.

I generally don't use this powerful mix and usually go for a weaker ones as it might cause some skin irritation of the dog and I end up removing the dog after 10-15 minutes because of vast open wounds, which would irritate the dog. Hence a spot application or a lower concentration or less vinegar is where I make adjustment so it won't irritate the dog. Therefore I would much prefer to use a hydrogen peroxide 1% and borax as a 30 minute dip without the vinegar, but should itching persists I may add vinegar to make the mix more agressive. In any event vinegar is a good standby and dip is the better than a paste, if a dog tub is available, so I won't use so much of the vinegar and peroxide compared against a much larger bathtub.

Thank you for your feedback!


Replied by Joyce
San Francisco, CA

Thank you TED for your reply. I'm a little confused on a couple of things:

1) Should I completely submerge my cocker in the solution for 30 minutes in the bathtub or should I simply use a cup and pour it over her for 30 minutes in the bathtub?

2) Should I do this everyday or every 2 - 3 days?

Update: The underside of her ears are no longer red. The black crust on her neck is slowly beginning to peel off. Her scatching has substantially stopped and when I hold her in my arms her body feels calm. She is on the road to recovery!!! I will keep everyone posted.

Replied by Joyce
San Francisco, CA

Update: My Cocker is doing 80% better. She is happy, playful, calm and sleeps so peacefully through the night. TED words cannot express how much I appreciate you posting this wonderful informative website with information THAT WORKS. I am spreading the word. I spoke with the owner of the hardware store where I purchased the Borax and he's going to try it on his dog. Thanks again.

Replied by Joyce
San Francisco, CA

Update on Egypt. She is 98% cured she only has a nickle size bald spot on one ear. She is 8 years old is back running and playing like a puppy. I will now begin to dip her once monthly along with my second cocker, who by the way never caught mange (interesting). Once again TED, THANK YOU!