Ted's Dog Mange Cure

Posted by Mary (Burlington, MA) on 11/09/2006

Just a comment on your feedback from my last e-mail. What a coincidence that my 14 1/2 year old dog had her shots, rabies, distemper, parvo in late august. She then developed a urinary tract infection and then 3 weeks later developed the mange. I am convinced, now that you bring it up, that you are right and that her immune system was suppressed by the vacines. I will not allow the vet to give her any more vaccines. Thank you for bringing it to my attention it rang such a bell in my mind.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Supplement the dog with some iodine rich foods, such as seaweed, raw food, and some zinc should restore some of the dog's immune function. There are studies that showed animals that were vaccinated lived a shorter life as a result of immune suppression. I am sure this applies to my dog and since stopping with all these vaccines he's been healthy ever since. My dog is currently about 15 years old and going strong.