Ted's Dog Mange Cure

Posted by Janice (Louisiana) on 06/13/2007

ted.. i just wanted to thank you for letting the world know about this cure (treatment) for red mange. my chinese pug (solid black) had come down with the red mange. it began when i gave him his monthly heart worm pill (ivermectin) which he must have had an allergic reaction to. within two days this poor pooch was scratching himself raw, to the point of bleeding, his hair was falling out, his tongue and mouth were swollen and he had no energy. i did research on this disorder only to find that vet's would give him the same ivermectin to cure the red mange. i was not a happy camper. so i did my research and came upon the peroxide and borax mixture. i believe in holistic medicines, so i decided to give it a try. the first treatment was on a Thursday. Friday he laid around all day with no energy. his second treatment was on a saturday, and he ran outside to try and get the mixture off of his mouth. it kinda foamed a bit on his lips. i also took the advice on the borax in his drinking water. then i started him on a meat diet. he gets boiled chicken each night with vitamin supplements. within a week of treatments, his sores have healed up, he has quit scratching and when he is bathed, he no longer looses a cup of hair. the most amazing thing was watching his energy level come back to life. his hair is slowly coming back and i am glad to have my dog back again. he has even begun to sleep in the bed with me again. the only difficulty i had was in the measurements of ingredients. so, i figured them out for all us americans. the appropriate measures are: 2 cups of Hydrogen Peroxide + 2 cups of water + 3 heaping Tablespoons of Borax. this is the mixture that is poured over the freshly bathed dog and do NOT dry them off. i let mine outside to run off some of the moisture. thanks so much for giving me back my dog. i will only use the earthclinic from now on for my poor pooch.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Janice: Thank you for the feedback! You wouldn't believe the things I tried on my poor dog to find that remedy! My vets were absolutely no help.

Even getting a yearly vaccine caused my dog to be sick and lost his hairs so there is something about the dog's immune system getting destroyed with the vaccines. Most stray dogs do not get mange as easily as the ones we take care so well. It is probably the "prepared dog foods" (home cooked food is never a problem), useless vaccination, and doctor's med that seem to initiate the mange a LOT more easier.

As an update, I now use the borax and peroxide remedy as a weekly bath for the dog. It kills the mites and fleas.

My dog seems to love taking a bath with this remedy, whereas, other commercial shampoo he hates it. Also the insecticide component of the commercial dog food seems to modify the dog's hormone and cause the dog and the person who gives it to be sick. Most insecticidal formulas used in many products are pseudoestrogen, which is well known for cancer causing. But what is not known is that it suppresses the immune system and may make the dog's conditions worse. No wonder my dog hated the commercial dog shampoo!