Dogs with Hot Spots and Skin Infections That Are Very Itchy

Posted by Pierre (Phuket, Thailand) on 05/31/2010

Dear Ted,
Hope you are doing well and the latest events do not hurt you and yours. Unfortunately for all Thais peoples this events and what happens was not a very good solution. Just make in more complicate position the local economy, hope the actual government find the best for all Thais peoples. That my wish and from my family to.

Ted I have two question :

Have two Golden retriever and one local dog, that middle size dog around 8-9 kgs. Most of the time my dogs are with skin condition and most of the time they itch them very hard. They itch and bite them and they get hot spots, mostly with big damages and infections. I tried to fix like this, make bath with HP and Borax, spray with ACV ( I wonder if the normal vinegar can work - the ACV to expensive here in Thailand) but the after spraying ACV+water, 3 part of water and 1 part ACV the dogs itch and bite and make worst the spot.

My small dog get worst and now have two big opening on the back - around 4-5 cm each.

I stop to use comercial shampoo but without big difference. Well when I stop to use comercial food I find some difference but still have this skin condition.

Actually I make the food like that, peas, carrots, brown rise, some chicken wings (raw) and some beef ( raw ) add. some garlic ACV and a pinch of Borax. Lastly the friend suggest me Peannacle Duck&Sweet Potato .

I stop to use the tap water for the dogs to, now I buy a filter and they drink the water we drink.

I am really in bad shape with this and tried to fix als this problems but with out big success. Al the time I go to see my vet I just regret afterward.

Ted if you can help, please help I wonder if there is not a place that we can find the TRUE VET some one who can help our pets and make them less suffer.

Hope you make quick and this message come to you

With very best regards,

Pierre - 31 may, Phuket

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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You don't need ACV a plain distilled vinegar would do also. The hydrogen peroxide and borax remedy is only used without the ACV, as the organic content of ACV would neutralize the hydrogen peroxide. There is another way, however, one of my favorite remedy for most skin problems is the tannic acid and DMSO solution. If I were to make a 100 cc of water, I would use 1 teaspoon of tannic acid plus 1/4 teaspoon of DMSO. The DMSO is a penetrant, a weak one, and is applied 4 or 5 times a day on the skin. The diseased skin condition should dry out and kill the hot spots in a few days. This is a newer updated remedy that seems to be working very well. The problem is obtaining the tannic acid. I acquired tannic acid from a local chemical supplier, usually it is produced in Germany. It works within a few minutes after application and the dog no longer get irritated.


Replied by Merryanne
Orange City, Florida, Usa
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I would like to add about the Hot Spots,,,if they are circles that itch,,,it could be ringworm,,that is a very bad fungus infection, and leaves scars on people and the hair might not grow back on animals, have had some experience with that this last year myself, and have the scars on my hands from petting a dog with HOT Spots the vet said.

Replied by Toni

Hi, Merryanne. I accidentally came upon a remedy for minor scarring. I was peeling some chayote fruit and got to thinking that the watery sap should have a use since it makes the skin peel when too much of it is handled. I applied it to the flea bites, ringworm, scars from scrapes and left it on and went about my day. Washed it off before sleeping, rubbing lightly where needed. The following day, the ringworm had diminished, the flea bites dried up and the scrape scars vanished. I just repeat whenever I happen to be cooking chayote fruit. The effect of that one application is a couple of days. I think this is alpha hydroxy acid that the chayote releases. I hope this helps.