Ted's Dog Mange Cure

Posted by Tammi (Alva, Florida, USA) on 03/29/2009

I have a small mixed breed dog - Lhasa Apso/Maltese/Poodle/Terrier? She is 10 years old and has had recurring Demodex mange for about the last three years. It is mostly on her paws. I have tried Mitaban dips several times, it works temporarily but then the mange returns. Most recently, I tried Ivomec and my dog had a horrible seizure. It was the most awful frightening experience I have ever had. I vowed to try an alternative treatment that would be safe for her.

I have been using the Peroxide/water/borax rinse for about 3 weeks now. I have been doing it about once a week. When I treat her, she does stop itching for a day or two, but then the itching returns and her feet get very red. Yesterday, when I tried to treat her paws, she wouldn't put her feet in the mixture and then she acted as if the treatment was stinging or burning her paws. I only left it on about 5 minutes and then I felt compelled to rinse her paws with fresh water so they didn't hurt. Today, however, her paws aren't as red and irritated as they were yesterday, and she isn't licking them at all.

Do I need to do the treatment on a daily basis for awhile in order to help her improve quicker? I am praying that this works - I can't do the Ivomec again and I don't know what else to do. Any suggestions would really be appreciated!! Thank you so much!

Replied by Peggy
Delbarton, WV USA

In response to using the treatment everyday. I would. I hadn't paid close enough attention and was only using it once a week. If you can't then at least fix up a spray bottle of the solution, making sure you dilute the hydrogen peroxide ( one part peroxide ~ two parts water. I add the borax prior to adding the two parts water.) and spray this on your dogs paws. It will work slower but it will help.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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The premises has not been sterilized with borax and peroxide. Also the paws don't suppose to be rinsed. Normally a 1% concentration don't sting (except for higher concentration). Maybe there is a fresh wounds that caused the stinging. In any case if it does sting, with the resultant solution, the best way is to rinse with a borax solution WITHOUT the hydrogen peroxide instead, since a borax solution doesn't sting and just spray the premise with the borax and peroxide to prevent reinfection. Most commercial preparations for dog are toxic or neurotoxic, including the popular pyrethrins which leads to serious loss of appetite.

It's the borax and peroxide that is the safest I can find, so apparently proper application and procedures is the way to go.