Confused About All the Information on Mange

Posted by Richard (Qingdao, China) on 01/27/2009

Ted & Dierdre, first, thanks for sharing your knowledge! Next, someone needs to do an editing job on your comments and the responses/queries!

Very confusing! Especially when one tries to read through the reactions/questions of those who've tried it. A concern needs to be followed immediately by a response. I've spent an hour now, scanning, and trying to piece together the various aspects of using this borax-H2O2 solution. The basic formula/best method of application/ancillary treatment-action (cleaning dog bed etcetera), and supporting treatments such as diet.

Whoa! I'm exhausted and I still don't have a clear, beginning to end, piece of information to use! My part German Shepherd watchdog and pal G'Ali, is a wreck. Wispy fur, blackened, blistered skin with raw patches. It's winter now and he's an outside dog, so I have no way to shampoo him until warmer weather. We did give him a couple of treatments (spraying till he was soaked) with the basic borax solution, seemed to help...but now, except for his paws, which thankfully are still "healed," he's back where he was last summer. Warm weather, back to the shampoo with formula, burn his house and contents and try to find something here in China to sanitize the yard around it.


Retro Richard in Qingdao, China

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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The basic mange remedy is simple: a saturated borax in a hydrogen peroxide 1% solution and dissolved them and use this as a bath/or a dip is fine. No rinsing. The frequency of bath is ideally once a day. Other people may do it more frequently such as 4 x a day, which is too frequent and causes dry skin, and hair loss. On the other hand, once a week was the original remedy since that mange was a mild one, so it won't work for the serious cases. Young puppies, or even older dogs the formula and safety is about the same. The dogs bathe continues until the condition is gone and we may continue to do this a little longer to make sure all the mange are dead. Mange eggs and mange may exist on the premises and this may cause reinfection. So disinfection of premises with this solution or one aq carpet may require a different strategies. A carpet might require borax solution or powder and thorough vacuuming. A dog may run outside and may get reinfected in the premises. These are some of the problems during the healing process. Some are not even mange at all so a different strategy are tried. Skin problem may also be encountered from improper use or improper mix, or calculations of mix. The remedy is the safest that I know of, although there are other remedies but they are more toxic to dogs.


Replied by Nikki
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How do you rid a yard of the mange mites? We have a golden retriever that stays outside and we have no idea how he was infected with mange. I heard that they can get mange from laying on outdoor patio cushios insde their doghouses. Is this true? I am NOT going to do it again...but just trying to figure out where they are coming from. ANY help is appreciated...I am going tomorrow to buy the borax...we are on our second round of Ivermectin and have been fighting this for almost a year. Thank you and God bless you for all of your help TED! I want my beautiful dog back!!!!!!!