Ted's Dog Mange Cure

Posted by Brent on 06/24/2007

Just wanted to say what a wonderful remedy this has' been for us. I am a foster mother for abused and homeless dogs. They come and stay with me until they are well, socialized and gain weight and then move on to be adopted in permanent homes.
Three days ago we received an emaciated female Rottweiler that was so starved she could barely walk. She has awful sores on her legs and itching. This has become so severe that she has actually bitten off the pads on her feet. She was miserable.
I was looking for something to help comfort her and I ran on your article. We used the treatment early this morning and she came in and fell asleep like she had not sleep in forever. No itching and bitting. She just seems so relieved. She even got
up and walked on her own this afternoon., WOW. If I had not seen it I would not have believed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Replied by Ted
bangkok, Thailand
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Dear Brent: Even though I developed the mange remedy myself after hundreds of trial and error, to this day I could not
believe it myself either! Thank you for the feedback!

Replied by Brent

Ted: I thought that I would update you on the Condition of Maggie our Rottweiler. She is doing better and better each day. She is starting to grow back hair. She of course still under weight, but her hair is looking great. The swelling is gone. Thanks for your advice on the internet.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok Thailand
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Dear Brent: Happy to hear the hair growth is back, but the mange eggs tend to be around the premises, so light application of the solution of borax and peroxide in the floor area should prevent any infection. Weekly or twice monthly shampoo of borax and peroxide would prevent any mange for coming back. Best of all the remedy protects dogs against mites, fleas and other parasite infections, which is why this is not just for mange. It is most dramatically seen when treating with the mange.