Amino Vitamins for Immune System

Posted by AM (Delaware) on 06/28/2007

Dear Ted, After spending $900.00 on allergies my dog did not have, I finally realized my 12 pound dog has demodex mites. My vet never did a scraping. And now I Have a 26 day wait for the vet who is a specialist in skin problems. It is not local but not all over his body. About 35%. I also know Jack Russells are prone to immune system problems. I have 4 terriers. I am starting your protocol; but also want to give Jack 3-6-9 amino vitamins. I do not want to overdose him any suggestions on dosage?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Most of the allergies of the dog will be reduced by adding a 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in a liter of drinking water.

A good supplements to further reduce the allergy is the magnesium citrate added to the drinking water at 300 mg.

Giving the dog a bath with the usual borax and peroxide remedy should resolve the red mange, however it is the baking soda that should reduce most of the allergies, but this will take a couple of weeks of baking soda added to the drinking water with some magnesium added (for only 4 day out of 7)

As to the amino acid supplements. those are quite difficult to overdose in practice, but in my experience, giving a dog 4 days out of 7, would not cause much of an overdose. I am assuming the amino acid supplements for a 10 pound dog is between 200-2000 mg so this should have little effect on the dog.