Ted's Dog Mange Cure

Posted by Maria (Macomb, MI) on 09/27/2006

I tried Remedy #2 -- 1% peroxide and 20 mule team borax { I had to dilute the peroxide cuz I only found 3% solution. It cured whatever the heck this puppy had that my fiance surprised me with. Obviously now I realize it was mange with darkened thick skin and sores with hairless patches.

I received the cutest little puppy as a gift and she was beautiful but itchy. I didn't realize it until it got way out of control. At first she was biting her feet and scratching her ears. Then came the licking. Scratching herself until she bled from her face. I was horrified!!! She developed all these red, hairless & bumpy patches mainly on her ears and face that she would rip open from scratching.She couldn't nap or more than 10 minutes at a time, which also made her very grouchy. First we thought it was corn allergy. NOT. still tearing herself up. Then I did some research and we gave her some benedryl, that seemed to make her sooo sleepy, but at least she could rest. Still had it and becoming worse. The vet suggested we use the dip. After all I've heard about this stuff I decided to try remedy #2 before we went the dipping route. One last ditch attempt for relief, I thought. The vet was was upset with my decision and said it will only become worse and she may develop skin infections in the meantime. I took the chance. I went to Wal-mart and got the Borax for for under $3.00 and the huge peroxide for a buck. $4.00 total. I mixed up the ingredients for remedy #2 and {diluting 3% peroxide with 2 parts water to one part peroxide and the borax and mixed it well./ Hot water makes her itch worse so I used warm water for the first part water and added the borax, it dissolved great, then I added the other part cold water and the peroxide and continued to stir until it was mixed. I washed her with V05 and rinsed with cool water then put on the remedy with the plug in the tub cuz her feet were starting to be affected. I poured it all over and was careful to get every inch of her. I had to use a clean wash cloth to dip in the tub and get her face, ears and chin and all around her hairless mouth. It was messy and hard to keep hr from shaking it off all over the walls so I draped a clean towel over her back as I "babysat" her until she was dry.I left her to sop everywhere but kept the back towel on for as long as I could cuz the walls were hit!! no pun intended. She is a big girl at 5 months old and 48 lbs. Great dane mix we think so it was hard to pull this off. Back to the real point here!!!! With her first bath she showed AMAZING results. The scratching was almost GONE!!! First bath, unbelievable!!!By the next day all the redness was gone except from around her mouth and chin. On the 3rd day I noticed hair regrowth around her eyes. At the end of the first week with one bath she looks almost normal with little golden hairs filling in her nakedness. She has 1 bath every week for 3 weeks now, my vet hasn't seen me since. We all thank you and especially Brandy ,our big puppy.

Replied by Ted
bangkok, Thailand
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On the 3rd day I noticed hair re growth around her eyes.

Yes, using this method hair re growth can be observed in only a couple of days for the dog. The most easy way to tell if it works or not is that the dog no longer smells like rotting skin. This is the best way to tell because within one day the smell of rotting skin should completely disappeared. If not, repeat applications is necessary.