Ted's Dog Mange Cure

Posted by Shirley (Standish, NI) on 01/14/2008

re: Mange. I just want you to know that I tried your peroxide/ baking soda mix. It worked. My cat was so bad that I was about ready to put her down. She was dying before my eyes, and there was nothing I had tried that was working. I figured what did I have to lose I had tried everything and it just seemed to make her worse. She was lifeless. Now she is back to herself Thank you my friend. I tell everyone I see about you and this site.

EC: Shirley, there is no mange remedy on the site with peroxide and baking soda. We presume you mean Ted's remedy: peroxide and borax?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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There was one cat pet that I had that I couldn't save when I was two years old and it was my favorite cat. I had a rare psychic experience that my cat would die if it was taken outside the house that very night, so I cried for hours before the cat died, but my parents refused to believe me and put it outside. It died that very night - the dog killed the cat. Maybe that cat I dearly missed won't be returned, but I can at least save other cats lives rather than seeing them unnecessarily put down to sleep.