Ted's Dog Mange Cure

Posted by BJ (Spanaway, WA) on 12/10/2006

I've posted a couple of times now for the past month and I wanted to say that my chocolate lab is doing much better. Thank you so much Ted! She did appear to get worst before getting better and she needed several treatments in the first couple of weeks. Although her hair did lighten dramatically, she appears to be getting slowly back to her normal color now. Her hair is also growing back for which I'm very relieved because she lost so much of her hair. Everyone who saw her felt so sorry. Now I'm giving her approximately one treatment every week or two and plan to keep it up for another month or longer if necessary. I'm so grateful to you Ted and thank you for sharing your rememdy with all of us. Thank you too for answering our questions over and over. I can understand some of these writers when they are doing the treatments on their own pets, they just want to make sure it's right. Sincerely,

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Frequency of treatment several applications is important. Hydrogen peroxide content of 1% may cause the hair to lighten from the bleaching effect on the hair. however this is only a temporary problem and most dogs really don't have hair anyway. By the time they do get the hair, most of the mange is gone and the hair will restore. It just takes patience and frequent applications, such as several times a week. However you simply have to decide how frequent --if the smells get bad, it is time to do the bath!