Where to Find Borax in Thailand

Posted by Janie (Thailand) on 06/01/2008

I am not sure if my dog has mange but I believe so. I live in Thailand in the North and want to try your hydrogen peroxide solution and borax treatment. Have you any idea where I can buy borax/what it is called in Thai? I imagine I can get the hydrogen peroxide in the pharmacy.
I feel terrible because someone gave me some vetinary solution for the skin problem and it doesn't seem to be getting better, it's getting worse. I have another dog that doesn't have it; does this mean it may be something else, because I thought mange was super contagious?
thank you.... Janie

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Mange is somewhat contagious, especially during the rainy season, but not super contagious. In Bangkok I buy hydrogen peroxide from a chemical supplier that is a chemical grade 50% from Vittayasom on Rajdamnern Road. Then i have to dilute them myself. Borax can easily be obtained B.P. grade also from the same place, or other competing chemical supplier in that same area.