How Old Should Puppies Be?

Posted by Jo (Somerset, KY)

How old should pups be before using Ted's # 2 cure ? I need help

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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From my own experience, if the puppies can run and play at that age would be sufficient, so a couple of months would be an ideal age. I don't see problems in using the dog mange on young puppies if they are mobile enough, but it cannot be used if they are a couple of weeks old. The biggest problem I encountered are not the young puppies, but very very old dogs with mange(about 15 years and up) where their immune system are much suppressed, and their skin problems get inflammed all the time and get mange easily because of immune supression. In which case a dietary changes are in order, with bicarbonates, some sea salts, magnesium, and iodine. I suspect one of the reasons why dog age quicker and recovery rate is slower from the mange is their carnosine levels are lower. Some studies indicate longevity of all animals are well correlated to carnosine levels in the muscles. So perhaps for old dogs, carnosine might be something that can help recovery, but more experimenting is needed.

Replied by Shelby
Upland, Ca

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Replied by Andrea
Boyne Island, Australia

Ted, you are absolutely amazing, the borax/hydrogen peroxide is working a treat, but can you tell me why it is so successful with demodectic mange?