Dogs Have Had Mange, Now I Am Itching!

Posted by Lorraine on 01/15/2009

Hello Ted,

First off thank you so much for the website. Today was my first day finding it. The reason for my search is because my dogs have/had mange. The vet has finally found what the problem is and they are getting shots (2 in total). I have seen progress with my first dog and my second is on track as well. My question to you is that I am itching SO bad that I dont know what to do. My vet kept asking me if I had started itching and I didnt until the very next day after the appointment. My dogs are not allowed on beds and couches at my home and only on leather couches at my b-friends. I am desperate for a cure and am willing to try anything natural. Will the borax and ACV work? Isnt borax toxic to people?

Thanks SO much!

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Recently mange on dogs has become infected in humans. The remedy is still the same if it came from dogs, which is basically 1% hydrogen peroxide with a saturated solution of borax. Other formulations work, although not as good as the peroxide and borax formula that I am aware of. Other remedies that is seen as effective turns out to be toxic to dogs, but borax and peroxide has the least problems. It's commonly applied as often as possible, but its effect in people is it is drying to the skin after application. Which is the point necessary to dry the mange eggs and cause dehydration in demodectic mites.