How Safe Is Borax If Dog Licks or Ingests It?

Posted by Cheryl (SimCity, AL) on 01/17/2009

I have two dogs and a cat (possible where the dogs got the mange from trying to mate with the cat) that have the mange. I have read so much about using Borax and the possible side effects I am a little reluctant to use it. How safe do you really think it is if they lick it or ingest it?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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A 5 kilogram dog has to consume 2000 x 5 = 10000 mg of borax to have a toxicity. It's an equivalent to a small chocolate bar full of pure borax. Since the solution is dissolved and powdery borax remains on the dog without rinsing, the amount is not even close to a small chocolate bar of borax for the dog to consume just through licking.


Replied by Marla
Kaplan, Louisiana, Usa

My 20 month old lab was just dx with Red Mange. He has always had some type of skin rash/problem. In the past the vets have told me it wad dandriff - & I have seen it on him in some cases. But now he has red mange around his face and legs. I'm worried about the solution getting in his eyes. What will happen if the solution should get in his eyes? How toxic is it?

Replied by Diamond
Salisbury, Usa

I use tripple antibiotic on the dogs or cats eye lids and the lower underneath eye lashes it protects eyes from getting any solution's in the eyes.

Good luck