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Posted by Caren (Wilmington, DE) on 09/03/2008

I wrote in months ago about the great results we had using borax perox baths. A few months after using the baths, I noticed Rockys condition getting bad again. I continued bathing him every 3 days in the bath, Vit E oil orally and topically. Pinch of borax in his wather... Diluted Tea tree oil on mange 'pimples'...I have been diligently keeping up with Rocky. Sometimes he looked like he was growing hair like crazy.. and next thing he looked like he was losing it again... I have been frustrated, but tried not to give up hope....in the end, I am sad to report, that this morning, after dropping him off to have him neutered, I recieved a phone call a little later in the day. The mange was getting worse and I was informed that I could possibly have abuse/neglect charges brought against me for not treating his mange medically. I had to leave my work because I almost got sick all over. Never in a million years would I expect to hear these words directed towards me. I love this dog and am sick to my stomach. I followed the instructions completely and carefully and religiously. I am now forced to go back to mitaban and start him on ivermectin. I have purchased antifungal shampoo to help heal the "secondary skin infection" that Rocky has now developed and have him on antibiotics, and heart worm med (starting in a few weeks) The doc actually told me that it was close to turning into "Red Mange". I was so hopeful. Now I am just scared. This poor dog has been suffering and I am beyond feeling guilty... I can't bathe him for 7 days but am feeling desperate to start him on the chemicals that I was so against. I cannot let this dog get any worse and risk his life....

Any suggestions or advice Ted?
Sincerly Caren

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Usually if mange is aggressive, the dog is bathed everyday and is quarantined from a dirty areas. The hydrogen peroxide maximum concentration of a aggressive condition is 1%. If conditions persist then , a 5% solution of benzoyl peroxide is applied to the dog. Usually the reason why it didn't work was the the reinfection from the red mange conditions. Vitamin E is not helpful for conditions such as this an makes bleeding and mange much more worse. A vitamin E is not used in such conditions as mange because it prevents normal blood clotting.


P.S. One additional tip: borax powder after rinse is applied on the dog, thinly over the skin area.